Zadania z 8.3

Dodatek odpowiedzialny za spolszczenie questów (misji)
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Re: Zadania z 8.3

Post autor: Kalinkus » 03 lut 2020, 7:34


Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Linsa, Hash=1687455442, GREETING=Looking for a tabard?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Exarch Nasuun, Hash=3032037384, GREETING=This portal is not like the others that lead back to Azeroth. To maintain it, we must acquire more mana cells.$B$BIt is either that or risk losing our access to the Isle of Quel'Danas and the Sunwell.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Druben Stoutarm, Hash=3124350409, GREETING=Aye, I have a moment. What do ye want?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Exarch Nasuun, Hash=3428921815, GREETING=I have something else to ask you about.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Artificer Farud, Hash=2075723495, GREETING=We have learned much from our fight against the Legion. In truth, these warframes are the culmination of many years of research.$B$BIf you wish, I can train you to craft similar devices.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Seer Olum, Hash=3834658208, GREETING=I am free! But the secret... is now in peril. Akama must be warned!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Exarch Nasuun, Hash=2746948297, GREETING=All three of the gates at the Sunwell Plateau have been brought down, Kalinkuss.$B$BYou must marshal your forces and stop Kil'jaeden from entering Azeroth before all is lost!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Human Commoner, Hash=3085451548, GREETING=The Lunar Festival celebration being held by the druids is taking place in Moonglade. If that's too far for you to travel, they are offering transportation just outside Stormwind.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Elder Hammershout, Hash=1415616629, GREETING=Now is the time when the year is new and the moon shines bright.$B$BIt is our time... when the ancients awake.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Elya, Hash=167062679, GREETING=I want to become a blacksmith.
Gloria Victis

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WoWpoPolsku Team
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Re: Zadania z 8.3

Post autor: Kalinkus » 04 lut 2020, 9:38

Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aysa Cloudsinger, Hash=1773836844, GREETING=This city is so unlike anything from home...$B$BAh, friend, how may I help you?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Arielle Snapflash, Hash=2789093386, GREETING=Can this camera do anything else?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Naraat the Earthspeaker, Hash=3126509948, GREETING=I've heard much about you, Kalinkuss. The world needs people like you now more than ever.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Arielle Snapflash, Hash=2495100539, GREETING=You know, I'm not quite sure! It's infused with some powerful engineering... there's probably a hidden feature or two.$B$BYou might want to try taking it near some sources of great power. That always seems to kick-start things!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Celestine of the Harvest, Hash=2022429611, GREETING=You are not initiated in the old ways. There is nothing I can teach you, child.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Arielle Snapflash, Hash=1035103065, GREETING=Self-Enabling Low Focus Image Extractor.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Borgus Steelhand, Hash=2159541828, GREETING=Can't ye see I'm busy? This had better be good.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Arielle Snapflash, Hash=3217652292, GREETING=Oh, hi! Did you want to take a S.E.L.F.I.E. with me?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Arielle Snapflash, Hash=2176988417, GREETING=What does S.E.L.F.I.E. stand for?
Gloria Victis

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WoWpoPolsku Team
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Re: Zadania z 8.3

Post autor: Kalinkus » 06 lut 2020, 11:09


Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ayren Cloudbreaker, Hash=486965052, GREETING=You don't get to see much action in my line of work. Serving this close to the front lines in a combat zone is a nice change of pace.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=2466073281, GREETING=There are two banks in Shattrath, both along the rim of the central city hub. One is run by the draenei Aldor, the other by the blood elf Scryers.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=883771717, GREETING=World's End Tavern
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lunar Festival Harbinger, Hash=766361720, GREETING=I'd like a new invitation to the Lunar Festival.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kelsey Steelspark, Hash=82113823, GREETING=Halford's got some pretty interesting notes in here. War reports, troop movements...$B$B$B$BAnd I may have even located his private diary!$B$B
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Cro Threadstrong, Hash=23305349, GREETING=A crushed fruit tastes all the sweeter.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=4112840831, GREETING=Scryers Bank
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Grand Lector Enaara, Hash=501171106, GREETING=It feels good to be at war again, Kalinkuss. But I must admit... healing the wounded is growing tiresome. There are far better uses of my talents.$B$BMany of the techniques we Lightforged employed against the Legion would serve us well fighting the Horde.$B$BKindly inform the High Commander that I am happy to ensure any prisoners we capture are properly... "purified".
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=3783651281, GREETING=Guild Services
Hash=383547415 już jest w bazie EN.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Marshal Dughan, Hash=1872890067, GREETING=Ach, it's hard enough keeping order around here without all these new troubles popping up! I hope you have good news, Kalinkuss...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=71712439, GREETING=Alchemy Lab
Hash=1808771742 już jest w bazie EN.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=259472165, GREETING=The Aldor bank is located northwest of the the city's center.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=3398357665, GREETING=Gem Merchant
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lunar Festival Harbinger, Hash=3297801051, GREETING=Greetings, Kalinkuss. We've travelled from Moonglade to spread the spirit of the Lunar Festival far and wide.$B$BWon't you join us in our celebration?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Anchorite Ayuri, Hash=317085086, GREETING=Isn't the memorial beautiful? It is important to remember moments in our history when great sacrifices are made, lest we forget the price of all wars - even ones that are won.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=1113338997, GREETING=Aldor Bank
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Brann Bronzebeard, Hash=3831839116, GREETING=Can't say I'm fond o' boats as a general rule, but I admire what ye got stored down here.$B$BIf ye find any more ancient relics worth lookin' at, I'm happy tae take a peek.$B$BAnd doors. Mysterious doors. Mysterious titan doors are me specialty!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Shattrath City Peacekeeper, Hash=3913386179, GREETING=Welcome to Shattrath City, seat of the Sha'tar in Outland. You seek guidance?
Gloria Victis

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Re: Zadania z 8.3

Post autor: Borygo » 14 lut 2020, 14:52





Są dane GOSSIP:

Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Apothecary Hummel, Hash=742997562, GREETING=Due to the, ah, "misunderstanding" in Dragonblight, we've had to relocate our facilities to this decrepit mess of a castle.$B$BStill, we've now plenty of space and time to work on various new and lovely... products...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kronnus, Hash=1531192832, GREETING=You been standing there long?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=High Priest Amet, Hash=3929301241, GREETING=There is still hope.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Detective Snap Snagglebolt, Hash=3724145439, GREETING=I don't like the look of this 'Crown Chemical Co.' one bit.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tehd Shoemaker, Hash=2595055443, GREETING=Okay...?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Apothecary Hummel, Hash=1401641715, GREETING=Begin the battle.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Wrathion, Hash=212464556, GREETING=Defeat this monstrosity.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Taoshi, Hash=3694760691, GREETING=We must protect the Vale.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zarhaal, Hash=2995706543, GREETING=Greetings, hero. I come to you with a proposition.$B$BYour efforts within these visions have captured our attention. We too seek to extract power from the mind of N'Zoth. Crystals like the one you see before you are of particular interest to us.$B$BBring me as many as you can find. Once I have them, I will take my leave... after I reward you for your services, of course.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Danielle Anglers, Hash=2372506714, GREETING=There are more fish here than I can catalogue!$B$BThe conditions here have caused a large number of mutations in the fish population. If you catch anything unusual, bring it to me to study.$B$BIf you help me enough, I will reward you with a pair of my Secret Fish Goggles.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zarhaal, Hash=1026094254, GREETING=I'll see what I can find for you.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Image of Wrathion, Hash=3054047860, GREETING=I am ready to enter the vision.$B(Consumes |TINTERFACE\\ICONS\\TRADE_ALCHEMY_POTIOND2.BLP:12|t Vessel of Horrific Visions)
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Rastari Enforcer, Hash=408088846, GREETING=De chroniclers travel far and wide to know de truth of de world. It's Kizani you want to talk to.$B$BYou can find her upstairs at de Great Seal in de Hall of Chroniclers.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Altar of the Long Night, Hash=2594555628, GREETING=Put on the Faceless Mask of the Long Night.