Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Dodatek odpowiedzialny za spolszczenie questów (misji)
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 03 wrz 2020, 10:29


zadania z Oribos:

Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Overseer Kah-Sher, Hash=4112312441, GREETING=Let us begin to align your path to the Purpose. Do you think you can manage that?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Keeper Ta'hilt, Hash=1056115234, GREETING=Welcome Maw Walker.$B$BNot everything you see is for sale. We also collect.$B$BSuch curious creatures we have found in your realm. I am enjoying expanding my collection.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Foreman Au'brak, Hash=1366588724, GREETING=Welcome, stranger. We are at your service.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Inara, Hash=3675132074, GREETING=The Purpose has sent you to us. I know it.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Rahm, Hash=2608325771, GREETING=This area provides you access to services relating to your material possessions. We are relatively new to such concepts, so the Brokers have kindly offered to facilitate these services for you.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Rahm, Hash=233609910, GREETING=Here you will find that the brokers have established a means for you to access your personal belongings. What was the word they used... a bank, I believe.$B$BI will admit that the concept of possession is alien to us, but the Brokers have always maintained that they are experts on such things.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Host Ta'rela, Hash=3275867967, GREETING=Welcome Maw Walker. $B$BPlease avail yourself of our amenities.$B$BOr, as our gracious hosts might say, may the Purpose be your way.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Attendant Protector, Hash=4157897501, GREETING=May the Purpose guide you stranger.$B$BWere you lost? Is there something I might help you find?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Keeper Ta'saran, Hash=1263077070, GREETING=Looking to purchase something special?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Overseer Ta'readon, Hash=2534109256, GREETING=Welcome to our bazaar, my friend. We are here to serve.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Foreman Au'brak, Hash=3956922296, GREETING=This is where we established an artisan's hall. For your benefit, of course.$B$BWe brokers travel extensively and learn from the denizens from every realm we visit. This allows us to cater our offerings to the needs of our clientele. $B$BOur members have endeavored to master the various professions in which your kind seems to place value. You will find them eager to aid you in your development as an artisan.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Fatescribe Roh-Tahl, Hash=734182116, GREETING=This is a touchstone for spirits that have become untethered.$B$B$B$BI sense the touch of a great power upon you, $N. Despite facing the end of your existence time and again, this force has kept you anchored to the mortal plane.$B$BPerhaps devices like this one will keep you anchored to the Shadowlands, should an ill fate befall you.$B$BThe Purpose will decide. The Purpose is our way.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Overseer Ta'readon, Hash=3513949523, GREETING=Here we have some of the more exotic offerings you may seek. $B$BMy colleagues and I specialize in sourcing exotic beasts and stabling them. You'll also find that we have access to what you know as Void Storage, as well as the ability to use your transmogrification magics. $B$BLastly, my friend Ta'visage over there can aid you in altering your appearance. May as well look good while you are saving the multi-verse no?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Fatescribe Roh-Tahl, Hash=620932090, GREETING=Welcome, mortal. May you find your way in the Purpose.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ebon Blade Acolyte, Hash=826010653, GREETING=Greetings, $N, Lord Bolvar asked us to aid you.

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 03 wrz 2020, 14:46



Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=4186990400, GREETING=You likely have many questions. Do not worry! All will be explained in good time.$B$BAre you ready to begin the next chapter of your existence?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=1006637070, GREETING=I did not DIE and cross through -- what did they call it, the Veil? -- to spend an eternity WAITING!$B$BWait... you are new! Is the wait finally over?!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=1011380650, GREETING=Why is it you have come here, $N?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=207835013, GREETING=I can tell you that you are fortunate indeed to have arrived in Bastion. To have earned this honor, your mortal life must have truly been selfless and dutiful.$B$BShould you continue to prove worthy, you will spend eternity as a kyrian. You will help ensure souls are conveyed from the realm of the living for judgment before the Arbiter.$B$BNo fate in all the Shadowlands is more desirable!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Aspirant, Hash=4268227010, GREETING=How long have YOU been waiting?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Forgelite Sophone, Hash=1204580949, GREETING=It must seem strange, to speak to another aspirant about your training. They put me in charge because I have been here the longest, that is all.$B$B
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Steward Caterer, Hash=3407790481, GREETING=Hoo! This one has drink! Take! Take!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Steward Caterer, Hash=118492402, GREETING=Want drink? Very tasty!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=3488612284, GREETING=You should be able to claim some anima from these centurions. There is precious little to go around, but I believe we can make do with what we have.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Steward, Hash=1372361382, GREETING=Make clean. Make nice. Bastion beautiful, yes?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Defender, Hash=1490198663, GREETING=What do you need?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Steward, Hash=2173358129, GREETING=Nice aspirant. What need?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=890594330, GREETING=I do not understand.$B$BFrom which world, system, entity, realm, or form of existence do you originate?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=1732725112, GREETING=My Archon-given purpose is to ensure all new arrivals are acclimated to the next step in their existence. I exist to teach others about the kyrian.$B$BIt is my honor and privilege to address you.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sika, Hash=3967630232, GREETING=Master Mikanikos, Forgelite Prime, asked Sika to tend to centurions. With little anima, we choose who gets some! Now you here! Anima needed for Greeter!$B$BGood thing Sika made centurions share!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Aspirant, Hash=150806718, GREETING=I have so much to learn, and this delay is only prolonging that journey. I fear I will never ascend.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Aspirant, Hash=1581539222, GREETING=How long has it been since things were normal? Time passes so strangely here.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Defender, Hash=631566068, GREETING=Archon's eyes upon you, friend.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Steward, Hash=285538661, GREETING=Good training today? Sore? Maybe sit. Maybe stretch.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Aspirant, Hash=3190788618, GREETING=How are you passing the time, friend?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=2433894352, GREETING=We understand that the end of a mortal's existence can feel abrupt, and is sometimes difficult to accept. You are not the first, nor will you be the last, to question the nature of your new existence.$B$BPlease take this opportunity to process these facts and find acceptance. When you have done so, we will continue your orientation.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Defender, Hash=3113139710, GREETING=Is there anything I can do to serve you?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=2093693441, GREETING=I sacrificed my entire life to came here, and it was beautiful. Hopeful. It is still beautiful, but they promised me I would grow and become the best version of myself. Instead I am stuck here, growing more bitter by the day. This could not be what was intended, could it?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Aspirant, Hash=3592962898, GREETING=I just want to start the Five Rites.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Forgelite Sophone, Hash=2210811886, GREETING=Some day I will ascend. Until then, I have my forge to keep me occupied. When I can get the anima for it, that is.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Steward Caterer, Hash=4158991571, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Steward, Hash=4233793942, GREETING=Hi! You new! Very good! Yes!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=3126189299, GREETING=There is such a long road ahead, but to be denied the chance to walk it... I am starting to wonder if I was sent here by mistake.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=2984074008, GREETING=Centurions. These constructs, brought to life by anima, serve many purposes in Bastion.$B$BThey aid our aspirants in training, defend our lands, and perform menial tasks if needed. Some, such as the Mnemis classification like myself, curate a wealth of knowledge on behalf of the Archives.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=2648514942, GREETING=$B$BAh. Owls. In your realm, these are nocturnal avians, yes? $B$B$B$BThis is a steward. They manifest from Bastion's anima to aid the kyrian in their day to day tasks. They love nothing more than to be of service.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Aspirant, Hash=1634027174, GREETING=Where did your training leave off? I was on the precipice of completing the Rite of Loyalty when things began to unravel. I was so close to ascension... so close.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=3214129361, GREETING=The Archon rules our realm. She is the most stalwart and dedicated of the Eternal Ones.$B$BIt is by her will that Bastion carries out its purpose in the Shadowlands. There is much more to say about this ancient being, but such glories do not befit the ears of an aspirant.$B$BPerhaps when you achieve your wings, you may find yourself in her presence.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=4072118802, GREETING=Greetings. I am known as Mnemis. My function is to welcome those newly arrived to Bastion.$B$BHow may I be of assistance?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Steward, Hash=572501999, GREETING=You want, I get?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Steward, Hash=1016341379, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=161937722, GREETING=From which world, system, entity, realm, or form of existence do you originate?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=3771392081, GREETING=It is so nice to meet you! I am Kleia, an aspirant of Bastion.$B$BThere is so much to teach you about our realm! But do not worry- all will be explained in good time.$B$BWords cannot express how glad I am for your arrival!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Greeter Mnemis, Hash=3693663444, GREETING=I possess a wealth of knowledge. What do you wish to know?

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 05 wrz 2020, 12:29

Zadania z Bastion



Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=4279528339, GREETING=All I want is to start my journey. Is that too much to ask?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Disciple Helene, Hash=344186525, GREETING=Lay your troubles at my feet.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=4163732014, GREETING=They told us to wait here until the anima crisis was resolved... I do not even know how long ago that was. I am starting to think this drought will never end.$B$BAt least the stewards are very nice, and I can eat as much as I want without gaining weight! Haha!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Leda, Hash=3453971600, GREETING=Ah! You are the new arrival everyone has been talking about.$B$BI heard you are from a world called 'Azeroth.' I hope to visit it one day!$B$BDid you need something?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Disciple Helene, Hash=3280101378, GREETING=Are you here to help us?$B$BI am in the midst of assisting this acolyte. He has chosen this day to meditate upon the pleasant things.$B$BPerhaps I can teach you a little about the cleansing process as we work. What say you?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Forgelite Sophone, Hash=120005872, GREETING=My forge is my pride and joy. I am the only aspirant Forgelite for a reason!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sparring Aspirant, Hash=1612169398, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=428632827, GREETING=This is absurd. I have been waiting for-- wait, what day is it?$B$B-- A long time!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=3909242294, GREETING=Patience, they say! Well I don't see a Paragon of Patience sitting around, do you?!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Ikaran, Hash=1215234510, GREETING=I wonder if the Forgelite will teach me how she made her weapon...$B$BOh, can I help you with something?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sika, Hash=293814674, GREETING=We help Forgelite, yes? $B$BBig forge, need heat. Not too much. Just some.$B$BI show?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Ikaran, Hash=1179629660, GREETING=No, but I heard whoever held that scroll got attacked by etherwyrms!$B$BThat could just be a rumor, though...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sika, Hash=2536372351, GREETING=Hello! Humble steward Sika is here to help!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=3643793001, GREETING=Do you have news from the Archon? Is the drought over at last?!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Disciple Fotima, Hash=2246399187, GREETING=You there! Did the Hand of Purity send you to me?$B$BI have need of one who can subdue the manifestations that may arise as part of this cleansing. Can you lend me your aid?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kalisthene, Hash=757215391, GREETING=$B$BWe meet again, mortal.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=58835488, GREETING=I would only continue if you are absolutely certain you are ready, $N. A cleansing of this kind can be dangerous, and I will not be able to aid you beyond words.$B$BAre you certain you are ready?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=3874972906, GREETING=$B$BAt least this is a pleasant place to wait.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=1844595436, GREETING=At least death was interesting. All this waiting... and for what?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Leda, Hash=1348106280, GREETING=Not with any certainty, no.$B$BHave you checked the trees in the village outskirts? I had seen aspirants reading there, before the etherwyrms moved in.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Disciple Lykaste, Hash=3457244448, GREETING=Ahhh, help at last!$B$BOne of my acolytes is struggling to cleanse a truly horrific memory.$B$BI dare not release it without your consent. Will you help her defeat it?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=522537104, GREETING=Oh! A new face!! Do you have news from beyond?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sika, Hash=3874510874, GREETING=$B$BAnima? Yes.$BTongs? Yes.$BMaterials? Yes.$BForgelite? Yes.$BSika? Yes!$B$BWe have everything! Hoo-hoo!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspiring Soul, Hash=1949239893, GREETING=A new arrival? FINALLY!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelagos, Hash=405937145, GREETING=I am glad the Hand of Purity asked us to stick together. You seem like you have this situation well in hand. I will be here to bolster you, should you need it. I will be fine.$B$B

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 05 wrz 2020, 17:46

Zadania z Bastion:






Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelodis, Hash=107344879, GREETING=The mighty phalynx will never falter.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eridia, Hash=4134117341, GREETING=All those vulnerable aspirants... all the ascended we sent to the Temple of Loyalty... is this what became of them? They must have been driven mad, to attack this temple! We are not their enemy! We were only...$B$B
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Fallen Disciple Nikolon, Hash=3316768401, GREETING=$B$BThis is... I am...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelodis, Hash=630636254, GREETING=After just a few quick repairs, Gatamatos should be ready for retraining.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=1910218704, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eridia, Hash=2510392983, GREETING=You bear witness to the most unusual circumstances, mortal. Please do not let it trouble you. We have need of all those of sound mind in these dark times.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mikanikos, Hash=1310581749, GREETING=Look what they have done to my Centurions! To the Locus!$B$B
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zosime, Hash=338708080, GREETING=You're a sight for sore eyes. As part of my trials as an Aspirant, maintaining this garden is my first posting. It could be going better.$B$BMany of the animals here have been driven into a frenzy due to the anima drought. I need to find a way to restore the balance.$B$BWill you help me?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Disciple Kosmas, Hash=3248561643, GREETING=Lysonia is weakened, but I am still not certain if you and I will be able to overcome her terrible strength.$B$BAll the same, we must try. Are you with me?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Adrestes, Hash=828304340, GREETING=The Archon has been the esteemed leader of Bastion since its inception countless eons ago.$B$BYou would do well to remember your position as you humbly request her aid.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eridia, Hash=867043384, GREETING=Such an intense cleansing may require your combat expertise.$B$BAre you prepared to aid me?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Haka, Hash=3625802718, GREETING=Whatever you need. I do!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Haka, Hash=3801737466, GREETING=Hi! Can help? I can provide each service once a day. Will stay around for a bit too!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zosime, Hash=3880590808, GREETING=The Garden of Respite is a peaceful place to meditate and reflect upon one's challenges. Or at least it used to be. I have every hope it will be again.$B$BThe great Korinna created this place for all to enjoy. She was one of the first Ascended. In the beginning, it was Korinna who tamed the creatures of Bastion and brought them tranquility. But now due to the lack of anima, that peace has been shattered and none can come here for repose.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Disciple Nikolon, Hash=1990560271, GREETING=$B$BYou had better seek another disciple, aspirant. I cannot help you.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Disciple Kosmas, Hash=142567420, GREETING=We need to act swiftly, if we are to intervene.$B$BAre you ready to fly?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=1739718508, GREETING=Soon there will be no anima for the bells. Soon there will be nothing to stop all of us from failing.$B$BAnd yet, we persist.$B$B
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mikanikos, Hash=1186613391, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=3216494639, GREETING=$B$BThere has to be a way to pass this rite! There must be!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mikanikos, Hash=977744921, GREETING=Just give the word and I will get started.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Thanikos, Hash=3264817655, GREETING=He will not escape.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=2356519414, GREETING=The Ascended watch me, waiting. Waiting. Am I failing them? Are they disappointed in me?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=379246137, GREETING=Soon there will be no anima for the bells. Soon there will be nothing to stop all of us from failing.$B$BAnd yet, we persist.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Thanikos, Hash=1136505110, GREETING=If we fall, at least we will fall fighting.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelagos, Hash=1971464953, GREETING=Oh no! This is terrible... I hope Kleia is safe!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Thanikos, Hash=649391925, GREETING=The day is not lost yet.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=1840182852, GREETING=Even if I fall, they will not return me to Oribos. We are all doomed to remain here forever.$B$BThere is no hope, not any longer.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eridia, Hash=2277044163, GREETING=I do not understand. Stand among...$B$B$B$BNo. That is impossible.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vesiphone, Hash=2635725229, GREETING=I can carry you from this place, if that is your wish. We are in need of some haste.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eridia, Hash=885093209, GREETING=Uther? That name does seem familiar.$B$BPerhaps the aspirant that Devos took under her wing? How curious that you recognized him. It must be notable because he is from your world.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Adrestes, Hash=1931220532, GREETING=I live my life in humble service to the Archon.$B$BMy every word, every action, is by her grace.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=1283613743, GREETING=They say I must give up who I am to become Kyrian. I like who I am... is it really true? Must I give everything?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=3333047785, GREETING=I can feel myself slipping away. All I want to do is hold on, but they say I must continue.$B$BCan they not see what this is doing to us? Are they blind?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vulnerable Aspirant, Hash=2716628908, GREETING=I have been here so long. How am I still struggling with this?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mikanikos, Hash=3271805750, GREETING=No idea what will happen, trying to extract memories from fragment like this.$B$BRemember: Looking for Forsworn memories. Take anything that is purple and has wings. Or maybe is centurion.$B$B... I honestly do not know what we are looking for, but if it is in there, extractor will pull it out!$B$BGive the word and I will activate extractor.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eridia, Hash=2569049751, GREETING=He is... more fragile than most, when it comes to cleansing. I would not want him to lose his way. What we are about to do can be very unpleasant to witness.$B$BYou... I very much get the sense that you can handle the occasional dramatic event.

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 05 wrz 2020, 21:56




Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Head Summoner Perex, Hash=3071643708, GREETING=Why do you trouble me? Can't you see I'm busy?!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Secutor Mevix, Hash=1926093024, GREETING=What is it, recruit?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baron Vyraz, Hash=2360326657, GREETING=Speak up, recruit!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Draka, Hash=2652208849, GREETING=Welcome to the last bastion of honor in Maldraxxus. Your arrival here was nearly as chaotic as my own.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Draka, Hash=1094796642, GREETING=Maldraxxus will stand united again.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Bonesmith Heirmir, Hash=2440048143, GREETING=Everyone always has need of the forge. New weapons, new armor. They should learn to properly maintain their equipment instead.

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 06 wrz 2020, 11:58






The Maw


Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Thales, Hash=3973511486, GREETING=We need to escape and inform the Archon of what is being done here.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Salvaged Praetor, Hash=2594436903, GREETING=How may I be of assistance?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Thales, Hash=714933436, GREETING=Hipokos found and repaired a praetor among the fallen kyrian. Since it does not possess a soul, it should be able to pass through the barrier.$B$BWith your guidance, you can use it to shut down the defenses and clear the way for us.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Vashj, Hash=3290899458, GREETING=The title is "Baroness", little Zandalari.$B$BAre you truly surprised to see me? After all, you are the one who sent me here. My soul arrived in Maldraxxus shortly after you... dispatched me in Serpentshrine Cavern.$B$BMy aptitude swiftly earned me a place at the side of Margrave Akarek. I was his trusted hand, eager to execute his vision.$B$BHe is only a memory now. The House of Eyes is gone, but I will not rest until I have my vengeance.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Plague Deviser Marileth, Hash=3170767408, GREETING=My apprentice! You return!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Corpse, Hash=1136118978, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Boil Master Yetch, Hash=2147711010, GREETING=Your assistance is welcome Maw Walker.$B$BTogether we can achieve much!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=2941483778, GREETING=Let me know when you're ready and I'll activate the device. It won't cover us for long.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=2792355354, GREETING=Oh, you've returned. How fortuitous.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vial Master Lurgy, Hash=1989096942, GREETING=There is one very difficult task we could use help with.$B$BWhile you consider it, feel free to sample the experiments... we always need test subjects!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=416317091, GREETING=Please tell me you have something interesting to discuss, Maw Walker.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Foul-Tongue Cyrlix, Hash=998895324, GREETING=The mixing must go on, there is so much to discover!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Boil Master Yetch, Hash=4138541035, GREETING=This disaster presents new opportunities to rebuild an even stronger house.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Demoralized Soldier, Hash=382184186, GREETING=The constructs were our allies! Why turn against us?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Soulforged Construct, Hash=2280198469, GREETING=Well fought, $N! Give the order, and we will launch the next assault!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Foul-Tongue Cyrlix, Hash=1422961004, GREETING=Toss Miscible Ooze, Viscous Oil and Mephitic Goo, into the Pool of Mixed Monstrosities to create new unexpected life!$B$BYou may also toss the ingredients into the Pool of Potions if you need to get rid of them.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Captain Exposition, Hash=2012553239, GREETING=You and Secutor Mevix were captured by Margrave Gharmal, the leader of the House of Constructs. The margrave has left you with the house's forces to be dissected and 'reused'.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Vashj, Hash=130308113, GREETING=I grow anxious to act.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Secutor Mevix, Hash=21463072, GREETING=Scout ahead and locate General Alver. When you are ready, use this horn to signal us to attack.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Vial Master Lurgy, Hash=4180925260, GREETING=We will find a way to harness the affliction that befell the Margrave, and turn it into a weapon!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Foul-Tongue Cyrlix, Hash=1572857736, GREETING=The work we do requires a great deal of combative skills. $B$BIf Boil Master Yetch approves of you, I shall let you help!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Plague Deviser Marileth, Hash=1949365633, GREETING=Now, my apprentice, there is no need for humility. You must have more confidence in yourself!$B$BYou are my brightest, most devoted student. I would be remiss not to cultivate such talent with individual instruction!$B$BI was just wondering where you had gone. We still need to complete our potion for Margrave Stradama! She'll surely be eager to see your progress.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Attendant Caretaker, Hash=1367561206, GREETING=Welcome, Maw Walker. This portal will take you up to the Ring of Transference, the transport level of Oribos.

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 06 wrz 2020, 18:56






Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Wagonmaster Derawyn, Hash=4232643479, GREETING=I was trying to take these souls to a place to give of their anima, but it all went wrong!$B$BThe wildlife of Ardenweald was never so dangerous before this drought. I need to get them safely to the Spirit Glen.$B$BPlease help!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Featherlight, Hash=2830641635, GREETING=Were you able to gather the lily we need?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Droman Tashmur, Hash=2487694069, GREETING=I am tirnenn. I am of the forest, kin to the trees.$B$BWhen the Winter Queen stretched out her hand and created Ardenweald, we were among the first to grow. We dug our roots deep and lifted walls high. We built the groves.$B$BThe tirnenn serve, until the immeasurable breadth of time is spent, and we return to the cycle.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Twinklestar, Hash=348510124, GREETING=Really!? You do look like a mighty paladin, but it might be dangerous and I would hate for anything to happen to you.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Featherlight, Hash=811290294, GREETING=You know I think I have just the thing for this situation.$B$BHold still. This probably won't hurt.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Te'zan, Hash=3820044193, GREETING=You're standing in for Lady Moonberry? Well, I hope you're good at handling starving wildlife!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zayhad, The Builder, Hash=2989098612, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nelwyn, Hash=926847856, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Louison, Hash=3378232855, GREETING=You got potential, Maw Walker. Let's see how you do helping out in the arena.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Wagonmaster Derawyn, Hash=604556476, GREETING=Thank you so much! You've been a big help to me and the souls in my care.$B$BRemember to stick to the road. The forest is filled with dangerous creatures!$B$BThank you, again!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Korenth, Hash=870899420, GREETING=They're the purpose of Ardenweald! Wildseeds contain slumbering nature spirits like Elder Dunmira. Who is under that bird. If you could coax it off the nest for me, I could sneak in and grab her!$B$BI'm glad Moonberry was able to send someone if she couldn't come herself. You know she normally wants a song and dance for her help?$B$B$B$BSo you'll help me get that bird off the nest?$B$B
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Scrapper Minoire, Hash=1070391700, GREETING=You have deemed yourself worthy of my attention?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zayhad, The Builder, Hash=1599024129, GREETING=Be welcome, young sprout. Your path is revealed with each step you take.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Twinklestar, Hash=1339349347, GREETING=I made it out safely but I lost some of my things during all of the confusion. $B$BThe spriggans will destroy my tools I just know it!$B$BI'm afraid I cannot go back to retrieve my tools and the garden will go untended...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Droman Tashmur, Hash=849864953, GREETING=The ripples of time stretch across an eternal sea.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Rencissa the Dynamo, Hash=3131375203, GREETING=Speak up, whelp!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Twinklestar, Hash=578516781, GREETING=I seem to be missing my basket, flute, hammer and wand. Oh and the diary! The history of the garden will be lost if the spriggans destroy that...$B$BI'm not sure how I will be able to repay your kindness, but if you are able to find my things I will be eternally grateful.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Overseer Kah-Delen, Hash=2781758603, GREETING=In truth? We do not yet understand why.$B$BThis may be the Purpose and we are yet to comprehend this change in its nature.$B$BIt may also be interference. It seems like these are not ordinary days.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tester Sahaari, Hash=793406244, GREETING=Prove you are worthy to fight where so many legends, like myself, have fought before.$B$BDefeat me in combat!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Attendant Protector, Hash=550025676, GREETING=You can find the Inn at the eastern point of the Ring of Fates.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=4001037061, GREETING=A mortal? How interesting...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Marcel Mullby, Hash=3608316293, GREETING=Louison said you'd be stopping by.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Scrapper Minoire, Hash=995568363, GREETING=Oh, how very sweet... You truly are one of Draka's little angels.$B$B"Cheating" is not a concept in Maldraxxus. One wins, or one loses--nothing else matters.$B$BThe means are irrelevant. Victory is the goal, and one must not let the biases of morality impede that goal.$B$BNow run along, fetch my potion--then you can tell Draka you've done a good deed today.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nelwyn, Hash=4271439332, GREETING=My granny is so sick!$B$BWe were trying to go to Tirna Vaal. We were hoping the Droman could help us, but she's so weak and the forest is so dangerous!$B$BPlease, would you help me? My granny is hiding in a cave nearby. She's so sick...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Korenth, Hash=1518591554, GREETING=There is so little anima, and I've had to say goodbye to so many slumbering spirits; friends I've looked after for ages.$B$BBut Elder Dunmira is so close to her time of awakening, I couldn't say goodbye like that! $B$BI moved her wildseed to a spot where I thought she could get a little more anima to make it through, and then that terrible creature stole it! I think the bird is trying to incubate it like an egg.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Gunn Gorgebone, Hash=2000182760, GREETING=You're a brave one to approach me!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Rury, Hash=1801701638, GREETING=I was doing just fine, having a little nap. What's the big fuss?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Overseer Kalvaros, Hash=915799558, GREETING=The Contest is a regular event in the Theater of Pain--an arena competition between the strongest champions of every House.$B$BAs you can see, we have only three champions for this event, due to..."unfortunate circumstances". Somehow, I doubt we'll notice the absence of poison-makers from the House of Plague.$B$BOf course, the House of Eyes specializes in stealth. Perhaps their champion is here, after all, and we simply can't see them.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Niya, Hash=365005229, GREETING=It's all happening so fast! My grove is dying!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Te'zan, Hash=263548654, GREETING=Who am I? I'm a soul!$B$BWhen my time came, I was called to Ardenweald. I worked with spirits all my life, so it felt only... well, natural.$B$BHow do you like my soul shape form? I always wanted to run around as a wolf ALL the time!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dreamweaver, Hash=1160657812, GREETING=It's a pleasure to see whatever species you are here within Ardenweald.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Overseer Kalvaros, Hash=759560067, GREETING=Welcome to the Contest of Conquest.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=\"Granny\", Hash=1306174693, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Awool, Hash=1094459110, GREETING=I've got this! I've got this! No, I don't got this.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=713455566, GREETING=So, you got Korenth to do the dance, huh?$B$B$B$BI knew I liked you, $N. I'll keep your name in mind in case I have any other odd jobs or favors.$B$BI bring good news! The Queen is coming to Tirna Vaal! This grove will remain open to tend to wildseeds and harbor souls. She will be here soon to bless the heart and reinvigorate everything.$B$BYou should have a chance to talk to her then.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Twinklestar, Hash=1796409343, GREETING=I was there in the Garden of the Night when the spriggans attacked. Waves of them swarmed through the garden and began to terrorize us all...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Alexandros Mograine, Hash=3200469217, GREETING=Vyraz will answer for his crimes.$B$BLet me know when you are prepared to face him.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Overseer Kah-Delen, Hash=2901978359, GREETING=Welcome Maw Walker. May you find your way in the Purpose.$B$BMay I ask that you keep it brief, I have tasks to attend to.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Slanknen, Hash=607769412, GREETING=Oh dearie me. I seem to be rather far away from where I'm supposed to be.$B$BI am so tired. If only I could lay my head down and rest...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Louison, Hash=2299875121, GREETING=You want to be a great champion and compete in the Theater of Pain?$B$BYou need a manager like me working with you!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Korenth, Hash=2262642670, GREETING=I was supposed to take care of them... but they were taken!

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 07 wrz 2020, 13:28

Maldraxxus covenant + wejście do Torgast




Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Adrestes, Hash=2914850411, GREETING=How may I assist you?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Merick Feldscar, Hash=1323271013, GREETING=We will protect the Shadowlands, from external and internal threats!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Adrestes, Hash=1515226886, GREETING=Our noble kyrian face the dire consequences of the betrayals you witnessed in Bastion. The Forsworn forces threaten to unravel our realm entirely. Your aid will be invaluable if we are to reclaim Bastion and save the Shadowlands.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Test Resource Distributor, Hash=2698431157, GREETING=Hello there brave tester. $B$BMore testing to be done I guess? They don't ask me to test anything. I just hand out the material for you to test with. $B$BMaybe some day I'll get to test something too! That would be so cool. Testing seems like such fun.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=General Draven, Hash=992136147, GREETING=How can I help you Maw Walker?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Portal to Torghast, Hash=1128601802, GREETING=The gateway thrums with potential. You can use this to enter Torghast, Tower of the Damned.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=3826566969, GREETING=You were not followed, were you?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Exit Torghast, Hash=1955909058, GREETING=The gateway thrums with potential. You can use this to return outside.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Draka, Hash=1014109082, GREETING=Are you ready join the ranks of the Necrolords?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Runecarvataur, Hash=1248915577, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=General Draven, Hash=1925235622, GREETING=The road to redemption for Revendreth is a long one, but the Dark Prince of Sinfall is ready to walk it. You have already helped us take the first steps on this journey. Now we must endeavor to wrest control of Revendreth from the clutches of the Master and his loyalists.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Test Resource Distributor, Hash=1260292229, GREETING=Hello there brave tester. Another build, another chance to experiment and test! How can I assist in your testing today? You probably want some stuff I guess? I now cover more covenants than ever before ...$B$BGiving things out all day is rewarding I guess, but you get to give feedback. That's the best. $B$BI wish I got to give feedback.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=188461126, GREETING=As you have seen with your own eyes, the groves of Ardenweald are dying. As each great celestial tree falls, our Queen's desperation grows. The queen and her Court of Night know your strength. Help us restore balance to Ardenweald.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Draka, Hash=4292794583, GREETING=The ambitions of the Necrolords face a threat of extinction at our own hand. Should you once again join your strength to ours, we will fight together to forge the disparate fragments into an army capable of challenging fate itself.

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 11 wrz 2020, 16:02




Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zo'sorg, Hash=895023383, GREETING=Well met Maw Walker.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Te'zan, Hash=663361798, GREETING=I don't like the way you're looking at me. $B$BYou do know you're supposed to find everlasting peace in the afterlife, right?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Warden Casad, Hash=633751644, GREETING=Strange magic possessing our people, anima droughts racking our land, and the heart of a grove being stolen.$B$BThis is all moving far too fast for my tastes.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=2165594074, GREETING=Tirna Vaal is one of the more fortunate groves. It has a chance to survive. And the Queen will do everything in her power to make it so.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dreamweaver, Hash=3697497208, GREETING=Isn't this a great little wildseed? It will be many years before it returns to its plane.$B$BGo on, take the animacones you found and infuse it with anima.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Runecarver, Hash=3174229594, GREETING=Do I know you? You don't look familiar...

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Borygo » 18 wrz 2020, 16:12

ID zadań już same się dodają, więc tylko gossipy będę wrzucał, w razie czego to Karolina robi listę jak idą zadanai po kolei.


Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sorcha, Hash=1093845388, GREETING=Greetings. I am Sorcha.$B$BYou have the look of a fighter about you. That is good. There will be much fighting before this is done.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Hunt-Captain Korayn, Hash=1935590025, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady of the Falls, Hash=1939386404, GREETING=I know these are trying times for everyone in Ardenweald. Yet I was put in charge of this grove, and I will see to it my charges are kept secure.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dreamweaver, Hash=1482314416, GREETING=Within this wildseed rests a powerful agent of nature. When they died, their spirit was brought directly to Ardenweald.$B$BIt is our honor to care for them as they dream and prepare for rebirth on their world.$B$BThe interesting thing is, though... they seem to know you. Isn't that something?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Gormsmith Cavina, Hash=2537689903, GREETING=It's tough times out there, to be sure. But I've got to watch over the little ones.$B$BIf you're looking to do more shopping, say hi to Je'ni and the kids over on the other side of the grove.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dreamweaver, Hash=1361507575, GREETING=I see the dreams of the spirits. They are beautiful.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Groonoomcrooek, Hash=3363275862, GREETING=Greetings are such peculiar things. Why do we only greet people? I spent some time greeting plants and insects, ages ago. Now they can hold a conversation.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ara'lon, Hash=4264921628, GREETING=Thank you for coming to find us. Ardenweald could use more like you.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady of the Falls, Hash=2540184028, GREETING=Hello, dearie. Tell me, how are things outside my grove?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pathscribe Roh-Avonavi, Hash=2084060647, GREETING=Welcome. Which path may I assist you with?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Gormsmith Cavina, Hash=1772577384, GREETING=Welcome. Name's Cavina, and I'm the finest gormsmith in all of Ardenweald.$B$BI might also be the only gormsmith left, but by the Queen I'm still the best around!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dreamweaver, Hash=3969707571, GREETING=A lot of strange things have happened recently. I don't quite recall ever seeing Ardenweald in so much chaos.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Gormsmith Cavina, Hash=1180614192, GREETING=Gorm are great to work with. Good material, good companionship, good food. You can use gorm for practically anything!$B$BThe finest suits of armor in Ardenweald? Gorm husks!$B$BWant a sharp edge that never breaks? Gorm claws or stingers!$B$BSorry, I got a bit carried away. I just really like my job sometimes.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Fluttercatch, Hash=2238709206, GREETING=This isn't good. The gorm are going to eat everything!$B$BGood thing I always have a plan.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Niya, Hash=2066936116, GREETING=It feels like Ardenweald is falling apart. First the possessed, now strange monsters attacking Tirna Vaal...$B$BDid you need something, $N?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Elder Finnan, Hash=1894869074, GREETING=What an awful racket outside! I know we are under attack and all, but a sylvar can still get work done, you know!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Groonoomcrooek, Hash=4279279920, GREETING=The forest is much to many, and nothing to many more. But such is the way of all things.$B$BTo us, the forest is the forest.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Elder Gwenna, Hash=1098443214, GREETING=Ah, the conversation game, is it? You will find that the faerie wants you to perform specific actions in response to their prompting. $B$BI would suggest reading their words carefully, for there may be some hint in what they want. Make sure you respond in a timely fashion, and whatever you do, do not be rude!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Elder Gwenna, Hash=2210463606, GREETING=Oh, you seem friendly enough. What brings you to these troubled workshops?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Elder Gwenna, Hash=962374202, GREETING=I am glad to see you are not one of those dreadful spriggans. I would not have let you in otherwise!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Elder Finnan, Hash=3443577387, GREETING=Is there something I can help you with? Finnan's Finest Fashions, finally found!.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Xandria, Hash=1442180524, GREETING=Thank you, champion.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Demoralized Soldier, Hash=3058520808, GREETING=Their army grows with every soldier we lose.