Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Dodatek odpowiedzialny za spolszczenie questów (misji)
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

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Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Giannakis, Hash=3584462552
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ick the Illiterate, Hash=1174364227
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Duke Jonatan, Hash=3121492615
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lucky Ansel, Hash=2322755672
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mistress Celina, Hash=2334558548
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Pancha, Hash=2311321358
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Pancha, Hash=2459157049
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Pancha, Hash=1764060115
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Pancha, Hash=3438897169
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Pancha, Hash=1289561698
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Noko, Hash=1735669522
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Gormsmith Cavina, Hash=4124610502
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Secutor Mevix, Hash=12373247
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Alfryd, Hash=3635286857
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ammi, Hash=3022840009
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelagos, Hash=3284321588
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Pancha, Hash=3385404957
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ick the Illiterate, Hash=2925724696
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

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wybaczcie ze tutaj pisze ale nie znalazłem innego tematu zadanie z eventu 44558 nie przetłumaczone

edit event walentynkowy ten obecny co jest teraz
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

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Co to za event? Legion? Draenor?
All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again.
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

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W jaki sposób to sciągnąć? Jestem trochę atechnologiczny, może w latach 90 miałbym coś do powiedzenia :(
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

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WildWest pisze: 24 mar 2021, 5:25 W jaki sposób to sciągnąć? Jestem trochę atechnologiczny, może w latach 90 miałbym coś do powiedzenia :(
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

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Patch 9.1 PTR Rozdziały kampanii 1, 2, 3:

ZADANIA: ... sp=sharing


Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Inara, Hash=4203967044, GREETING=I will bring you and the Highlord to the Arbiter's chamber. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=3384834517, GREETING=It is good to have you here, Maw Walker. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Surveyer Mnemis, Hash=3177851037, GREETING=I will guard you while you finish the report. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Master Smith Helgar, Hash=1990534721, GREETING=I hear that Odyn wants us to forge a horn, eh? There are some special ingredients on the table over there.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Winter Queen, Hash=4129347035, GREETING=The Jailer threatened to destroy these spirits we may yet save. He underestimated how nature will fight to keep balance. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=4153121254, GREETING=I am quite familiar with the prophecies. If you are the Maw Walker, I will see it.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Jaina Proudmoore, Hash=955963019, GREETING=We didn't see Anduin on the battlefield at all. Where could he be? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=4289932800, GREETING=Lead the way, Tal-Galan.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kael'thas Sunstrider, Hash=3360486435, GREETING=After my time in Revendreth, I enjoy any change of scenery. Even one as drab as this. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Whisperer Vyn, Hash=3170669110, GREETING=Maldraxxus has a few spies overlooking key points in the Mawsworn's movement within Korthia. My partner in the area was supposed to return from her run a while ago. I have grown... concerned. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Hash=1601948773, GREETING=Can you share your vision of Anduin in the Maw? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Niya, Hash=819742793, GREETING=The fight has come to our home. We'll do everything we can to protect the Queen.$B$BFor Ardenweald! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade IV, Hash=287776961, GREETING=I want to teleport to Castle Nathria (Raid). - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=353051790, GREETING=We have to do everything we can to protect the Winter Queen!$B$BFortunately, I know a lot of tricks that should help buy us time, so we can drive the Maw out of Ardenweald! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tinybell, Hash=3571689288, GREETING=That's a very good question, Maw Walker! $B$BMaybe you can keep an eye out for her while adventuring in Korthia? Usher her back to me, if you find her. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=963750476, GREETING=Good, you're here.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mikanikos, Hash=2792335359, GREETING=Not to worry! Finest builder, Forgelite Prime, is here to help. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tinybell, Hash=2963379469, GREETING=I'm training Maelie to be a great steed, able to carry her rider fearlessly into the unknown! $B$BBut she's full of natural curiosity -- she tends to wander off a lot on her own. I need to keep her focused!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Kay, Hash=2016637265, GREETING=A large shardhide has been preying on the animals of our stable. We must safeguard these animals.$B$BPlease help track this animal down and eliminate it! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Hash=2112321652, GREETING=We must stop the Jailer at any cost. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=292538223, GREETING=Scan the area to see what exactly might be nearby. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Danica the Reclaimer, Hash=697074554, GREETING=Keep courage in your heart. No matter the darkness you face, it will not falter. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'nasi, Hash=2178958958, GREETING=Why is Cartel Ta here? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'nasi, Hash=4168692267, GREETING=The acquisition of Korthia by the Maw has presented a number of opportunities to learn and expand our knowledge of the realm.$B$BWith a bit of risk, of course, but secrets are rarely cheap and obvious.$B$BWhat we learn here might prove invaluable.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'nasi, Hash=2825389712, GREETING=There is great opportunity to be had here, if one knows where to look.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Featherlight, Hash=127772532, GREETING=Bolvar requests your current report. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Winter Queen, Hash=3529952611, GREETING=Is everything under control here?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Scholar Roh-Suir, Hash=494320030, GREETING=We were utterly unprepared. Centuries of productivity and peace were shattered by these mawsworn invaders. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nadjia the Mistblade, Hash=175144541, GREETING=Defensive fortifications are going well. I hope the Mawsworn attack sooner rather than later, my sword form could use some practice. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=4044120420, GREETING=It is preferable when an investment pays off.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=2227397709, GREETING=We're making look-alikes of the Winter Queen, to draw our enemies away from the real Queen.$B$BWe're making decoys!$B$BUnfortunately there's only so many of them we could make. And we know that it's a dangerous job. But we're prepared to sacrifice everything to protect Ardenweald.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Hash=3791975766, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Inara, Hash=3251900952, GREETING=I shall address the honored ones gathered here. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tinybell, Hash=1396228651, GREETING=Where is Maelie right now?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Danica, Hash=2670231180, GREETING=Are you ready to travel with me to warn Odyn? The glory of Skyhold awaits us! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Danica the Reclaimer, Hash=2148993226, GREETING=I'm ready! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Odyn, Hash=1239776982, GREETING=You are welcome in my hall, $N. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Hash=1031438562, GREETING=We cannot fail, not after we have fought to drive Sylvanas out of Ardenweald. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Inara, Hash=2043456005, GREETING=I'm prepared for you to examine my anima.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=1977819588, GREETING=The bag you had me carry wasn't yours?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Hash=1744627843, GREETING=Can you share your vision of the mourneblade's forging?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=2954421137, GREETING=I need your help to find a second waystone to create a permanent connection to Oribos.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=1383721583, GREETING=How do I bind this horn to the Maw?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Arios Riftbearer, Hash=3710660543, GREETING=To be wise, one must have knowledge, context, and clarity of thought. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=940675939, GREETING=Who knows what secrets this place holds? There is only one way to find out...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Hash=1152890784, GREETING=Is the sigil safe?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Surveyer Mnemis, Hash=1688313867, GREETING=Currently unable to finish survey. Chance of failure due to hostile creatures at 95%. Guardian unit needed.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Xy'lonu, Hash=3427585412, GREETING=Fortune favors the ambitious. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=225601078, GREETING=You have a curious look about you, Maw Walker.$B$BAs if you are about to ask me for a rather large favor...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Inara, Hash=2610146094, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Hunt-Captain Korayn, Hash=1479585474, GREETING=We will drive these interlopers from Ardenweald! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Projection of Ve'nari, Hash=3279151530, GREETING=It is as if I am right there with you exploring ... with no risk to me. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade IV, Hash=505822771, GREETING=Greetings, and thank you for helping to test the raid!$B$BI can teleport you directly to any bosses that are currently available for testing.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Xy'lonu, Hash=2639813437, GREETING=I promise you, not all members of my cartel are so aggressive and territorial in their acquisitions.$B$BKorthia is an opportunity for all of us. $B$BI assure you, I personally value a mutually beneficial partnership with you, Maw Walker.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Adrestes, Hash=22189511, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Adrestes, Hash=1675252686, GREETING=We were caught unaware. The Jailer's power has grown more than any of us could have imagined.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Inara, Hash=1844904239, GREETING=I never thought I would see such dire times.$B$BI must examine your anima to determine whether it is strong enough to withstand the drastic will of the Purpose.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=695292082, GREETING=I'm prepared for your Maw Walker test.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Xy'lonu, Hash=2221849729, GREETING=Why is Cartel Xy here?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Featherlight, Hash=4238712702, GREETING=The wildlife here is fascinating! They seem incredibly resilient even to large changes to their ecosystem! The flora seems to be struggling, however.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Master Smith Helgar, Hash=4289328414, GREETING=Hail, $C. What an interesting weapon you bear.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Odyn, Hash=2119796915, GREETING=I am ready to bear witness, Odyn.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Lind, Hash=3120200304, GREETING=Rest is required for your mortal body, is it not?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eye of the Jailer, Hash=3768897491, GREETING=The Eye of the Jailer searches the Maw for enemies of the Jailer. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Danica, Hash=3542878729, GREETING=I'm ready!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=727013445, GREETING=A Maw Walker... this is quite an interesting turn of events.$B$BPlease, follow me.


GOSSIP Patch 9.1 PTR Rozdziały kampanii 4, 5 + poboczne:

Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Margrave Draka, Hash=171527120, GREETING=A different battlefield, a different campaign, but everything remains the same. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Runecarver, Hash=3865350039, GREETING=I need your help. We need to seal this sigil so the Jailer cannot retrieve it.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=1523912224, GREETING=We must reach the vault before the Jailer's forces breach it.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=2578252754, GREETING=Send out the kyrian. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Draka, Hash=1550251823, GREETING= - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Bonesmith Heirmir, Hash=4004753235, GREETING=Begin the repairs. I will defend you. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Duchess Mynx, Hash=1156344361, GREETING=What do you currently have in stock? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - Celestial Shadowlands Chart, Hash=469853927, GREETING=MISSING - Celestial Shadowlands Chart - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lord Amalthwyn, Hash=2119594469, GREETING=We maintain the cycle.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Curator, Hash=1852761181, GREETING=Oh, um, hello.$B$BCan I help you in some way? Or were you already helping me with something?$B$BI am afraid I am a little distracted at the moment. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - Rune Chit, Hash=4256192508, GREETING=MISSING - Rune Chits - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pathscribe Roh-Vess, Hash=3247722075, GREETING=Greetings. I am the caretaker for the Waystone. Even before the calamity, it was my solemn duty to wait and watch, for those who might use the stone. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=752888892, GREETING=I am ready. Let's open the way.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Duchess Mynx, Hash=4265486795, GREETING=The Ebon Blade does not fear oblivion.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Archivist Roh-Suir, Hash=3766647743, GREETING=I would like to spend some of our Cataloged Research on something. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zo'mezal, Hash=1733996124, GREETING=Halt. Only citizens and registered clients are allowed through this entrance. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Alexandros Mograine, Hash=4146048127, GREETING=Our campaign in Korthia is particularly challenging. We need all the assistance we can get. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baron Vyraz, Hash=2571715279, GREETING=Traitor to Maldraxxus, Baron Vyraz's time is short. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Draka, Hash=798417566, GREETING=We have breached the Maw with an army and returned. This is a cornerstone moment for Maldraxxus.$B$BYour name will be remembered, Maw Walker. I look forward to the tales that will follow.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Scholar Roh-Suir, Hash=1304957765, GREETING=What secrets will we learn from the Archivists of old?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=3577563518, GREETING=No enemy can stand against a united Shadowlands. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Questzertauren, Hash=2293348599, GREETING=Take me to Desmotaeron, I'm going to deal with Mor'geth. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Hunt-Captain Korayn, Hash=399124727, GREETING=Today is a good day, for today we hunt! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Archivist Roh-Suir, Hash=2517411032, GREETING=Well met, Maw Walker. Is there something I can assist you with?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Cadaverous, Hash=1016575693, GREETING=Forgive my bluntness, Maw Walker, but I cannot afford distractions at the moment.$B$BIn case Maldraxxi reinforcements do not arrive, I must prepare to complete this ritual myself... and I am not certain I am up to the challenge. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Cryptkeeper Kassir, Hash=1083300875, GREETING=I was honored to receive Prince Renathal's request to reinforce his assault into the Maw.$B$BAlthough Temel prefers a different title nowadays...$B$B$B$B... I suppose he is still able to contribute in unconventional ways as "the party herald".$B$BHowever, I still insist that our enemies here have many sins that could be exploited by a good sin herald like Temel. - dopisano Land.
Hash=2178958958 już jest w bazie EN.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Fe'tajid, Hash=4194147764, GREETING=You have your, ahem, security clearance. What are you waiting for? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=3506363949, GREETING=I'm ready to see the message regarding what is within the vault.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Draka, Hash=2097738225, GREETING=We have little time to chat, make it quick. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Archivist Roh-Senara, Hash=3060278352, GREETING=There is but a narrow chance of success. There is an even narrower chance of survival. Our future is in your hands. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zo'sorg, Hash=3180844980, GREETING=What can you tell me about Cartel So?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Questzertauren, Hash=1998794510, GREETING=What a mysterious place. How did I get here?$B$B$B$BHow did YOU get here?
Hash=1022874050 już jest w bazie EN.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Than, Hash=153572830, GREETING=I am a survivor from the attack on the Seeker's Quorum. I am searching for the Fatescribe. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - Book of Binding: The Mad Witch, Hash=3043369797, GREETING=MISSING - Book of Binding: The Mad Witch - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Scholar Roh-Suir, Hash=1470582576, GREETING=I found more relics we can use for our cataloged research.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - Talisman of the Eternal Scholar, Hash=3770760966, GREETING=MISSING - Talisman of the Eternal Scholar - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pathscribe Roh-Vess, Hash=1428667549, GREETING=A Fatescribe is one of the most important attendants to serve the Arbiter. They are honored in their duty to the Purpose.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Secutor Mevix, Hash=281900405, GREETING=Never thought I'd be leading the charge against the Jailer in a destroyed plane stuck in the Maw. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Keeper Ta'hult, Hash=912972463, GREETING=Thanks. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - Singing Steel Ingot, Hash=1693770307, GREETING=MISSING - Singing Ingot - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Al'dalil, Hash=2387170364, GREETING=The Shadowlands contain many secrets. Some should not be discovered. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=425732368, GREETING=Lady Moonberry and the other heroes of Ardenweald are invaluable allies.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ironkeeper Salryx, Hash=143909447, GREETING=This mawsworn subjugator leads the forces in Desmotaeron against the combined forces of the afterlives. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'nla the Identifier, Hash=278799829, GREETING=Ah! Greetings, Maw Walker. Have you come to barter? I have many identities in my possession that could be yours... for the right price.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Bonesmith Heirmir, Hash=3632391998, GREETING=These devourers are going to make this repair difficult.$B$BI'm not touching that thing until you say you're ready, $N.
Hash=2360279759 już jest w bazie EN. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Primus, Hash=1097417851, GREETING=Only united can the covenants stand against Zovaal. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Karras, Hash=1616479547, GREETING=Well met, Maw Walker. I trust your hunt proceeds well.$B$BOur own hunt must be delayed as we await reinforcements from the night fae. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tal-Galan, Hash=1447080165, GREETING=We are close to seeing the secrets of Korthia.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=2584997210, GREETING=How can I help the assault, Prince Renathal?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Popo, Hash=1412767248, GREETING=I will protect you while you deliver supplies. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Popo, Hash=4246854944, GREETING=Happy to see $N!$B$BMawsworn attack while I carry supplies to friends.$B$BI kill many, but always more come.$B$BYou walk with me? We deliver supplies?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zo'mezal, Hash=2626444482, GREETING=I seek entrance into Tazavesh.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Interrogator Tzench, Hash=3731428644, GREETING=This interrogator is as merciless as he is odious. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pathscribe Roh-Vess, Hash=1799887223, GREETING=What is a Fatescribe?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'meri, Hash=603215899, GREETING=Do you need something shipped? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Than, Hash=1209993154, GREETING=My Purpose is to assist the Fatescribe. That is why I must find him.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Hash=393280473, GREETING=What should we do with the sigil?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=2342572579, GREETING=We cannot lose hope, even in the darkest moments. That's when we need it the most.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Archivist Roh-Senara, Hash=172616777, GREETING=We are safer here, but it is only a matter of time before the Mawsworn find us.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'meri, Hash=578835933, GREETING=Take me to Tazavesh.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Keeper Ta'hult, Hash=138854841, GREETING=Ah, welcome friend, did you know that the passage to Tazavesh is open once again?$B$BTread lightly there, they are not so friendly to outsiders. They do have many things to trade, though. $B$BValuable things, glittering things.$B$BI have acquired some of their goods. Have you ever seen a baubleworm? They grow gems from their hides that glow with an inner light, but fade and crack when the creature dies. $B$BVery rare, very valuable.$B$BI ask only that you trade me some of your world's most precious, sentimental goods. We have our eye on a few things in particular...

EDIT: Kampania 6 + część 7 rozdziału

Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=799310142, GREETING=For a time. $B$BWhen we combined the power of the medallions into the crown I wove in safeguards to ensure no one person could wear the crown alone by themselves for too long. $B$BAnd should the other Harvesters will it, medallions or no, they could reclaim their power from the crown with ancient words they are entrusted with. $B$BWhat we have forged together will only remain strong as long as we continue to work together. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ysera, Hash=3844390171, GREETING=Ardenweald has asked for help finding former Night Warriors. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Margrave Sin'dane, Hash=902744681, GREETING=Directly addressing a margrave is above your stature, acolyte.$B$BI would suggest you move along. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Vashj, Hash=953250716, GREETING=Maw Walker. You've deigned to return, I see.
Hash=505822771 już jest w bazie EN. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Accuser, Hash=2845387338, GREETING=Maw Walker. I am willing to acquiesce to the request from the Baroness for Kael'thas to accompany you on this mission.$B$BHowever, keep an eye on the two of them. I am not convinced she is a good influence and may cause Kael'thas to regress into former practices. $B$BHe has been showing promise lately, but I would feel more comfortable with this if he had another century or two of penance in place.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Stoneborn Detainment Chief, Hash=1196566779, GREETING=That dreadlord tried to bribe me into freeing him. These Sigils of Binding weren't very secure. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=2947403109, GREETING=Will there be new Harvesters of Envy and Dread?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Solivane, Hash=3326612718, GREETING=Reveal yourself, nathrezim! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Xandria, Hash=3927724864, GREETING=The battle is fierce, $N. Your skills are greatly needed. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Fal'zinge, Hash=2195033948, GREETING=Slay Fal'zinge. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=3782461775, GREETING=I am taking Mal'Ganis into custody and securing Dominance Keep from outsiders. You would do well to avoid that place for a time. $B$BI will bring my forces to bear on Korthia but it is still vital we extract as much information from Mal'Ganis as we can, and Renathal's methods are... soft... compared to mine.$B$BWhen I am done with him, Renathal can have Mal'Ganis back for whatever atonement he believes a dreadlord capable of. But not before I am done with him. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Curator, Hash=1872163158, GREETING=Oh, um, hello.$B$BPlease be so kind as to eliminate this dreadlord threat as quickly as possible. The long standing consequences to the Harvester of Wrath hunting them presents more destruction than we are prepared to handle in the wake of Denathrius's betrayal.$B$BAlso, if you speak with the naaru again please notify her that her continued presence in our realm, of her own free will, may lead to the manifestation of her own sinstone. While hardly a common occurrence with entities from other planes of existence, she may wish to conceal such an item if it materializes to avoid any past indiscretions from being used against her. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Totem of Dark Tidings, Hash=2831744606, GREETING=While in proximity of the obelisk, a voice in your head murmurs sweet lies and maddening truths. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Vashj, Hash=22244097, GREETING=Prince Renathal is assembling a diplomatic envoy to the Stonewright. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Accuser, Hash=1689280697, GREETING=Despite my reservations it would appear that Kael'thas and the Baroness did compliment each other well. $B$BWhether it was due to your involvement or their own initiative is irrelevant to the end result that Kael'thas has been able to let go of more of the burdens his soul clings to. $B$BHe shows much promise, and power.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dreamweaver, Hash=148126829, GREETING=Everything will be all right, in the end. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Xandria, Hash=1845103863, GREETING=Let's fly, Xandria.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Chelra the Bladewall, Hash=1796406558, GREETING=Our allies grow in strength, as does our forces here.$B$BWe owe it to your efforts, Maw Walker. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nal'ragas, Hash=499799992, GREETING=A skilled infiltrator of the nathrazim. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=1902290078, GREETING=Much to do with little time. We must fortify what we have taken, secure what anima reserves remain of what Denathrius has stolen, and rally support across all of Revendreth to our cause.$B$BRegardless of our successes here, the Shadowlands can never truly be whole until the Arbiter resumes sending souls to the afterlives.$B$BFor now, continue to wage your war against the Jailer. We will levy what resources we can for that effort.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=1539814531, GREETING=It's nice to see you again! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Chelra the Bladewall, Hash=153134017, GREETING=Prince Renathal goes to meet the mother of stone. It is only prudent we bring a formidable honor guard. They do not call her the Harvester of Wrath because she has an inviting attitude.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Busy Stoneborn, Hash=2397296413, GREETING=Have you seen anything unusual? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=3577776629, GREETING=I am ready for my disguise.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Vashj, Hash=3434707929, GREETING=I have been in Revendreth for less than five minutes and the Accuser has tried to get me to "atone" three times already.$B$BIt would amuse me if the Primus had not warned me how dangerous she is in this place. It almost makes me feel sorry for Kael'thas.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ysera, Hash=1758744651, GREETING=I hope we are not too late for Tyrande.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mal'Ganis, Hash=2416265753, GREETING=The medallions, Revendreth, the Prince and his cause. They are all short sighted.$B$BSire Denathrius has always held the long vision of this reality. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Kay, Hash=237670041, GREETING=Take Kah - Bear with you. She is skilled at tracking her own kind, and will help you find this threat!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Stoneborn Detainment Chief, Hash=3872690682, GREETING=Have you seen anyone unusual being taken into custody?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=379468624, GREETING=Undoubtedly, though it will take time and the right... candidates.$B$BI believe that is the correct word. We have never formally inducted a new Harvester. They were always appointed by Denathrius, the individual often groomed for decades before assuming the role. $B$BWe shall begin our search of souls and venthyr who have the adequate skill sets and acumen. Those who share our values and have the power to back it up. There are many I can think of who might suffice.$B$BTake young Kael'thas, for instance. Were he further along in his penance, I might consider him...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Khaliiq, Hash=3981719643, GREETING=I do as my baroness commands.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - Gorak Claw Fetish, Hash=864921322, GREETING=MISSING - Gorak Claw Fetish - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=453284670, GREETING=I had hoped our brethren had returned to us for the right reasons.$B$BI never could have imagined the depth of their betrayal not only of Revendreth, but of the Shadowlands and all of reality.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nadras, Hash=3453104942, GREETING=You have been very busy, Maw Walker.$B$BI have been keeping my eye on you. On behalf of my Prince, of course. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ysera, Hash=4247874680, GREETING=My dreams here have shown me many things including the danger Tyrande Whisperwind is in, but also that she is important to Ardenweald's survival somehow.$B$BThe Night Fae have been searching for former Night Warriors within the realms of the Shadowlands. We believe that others who held Elune's power may be able to take a portion of what Tyrande now holds, and save her from assured death. One, Thiernax, was here in Ardenweald and has been helping us.$B$BHuln Highmountain, a valiant warrior from Azeroth's past, now a keen tracker for the Wild Hunt, has been assisting us in searching for more of these former Night Warriors. He believes he has found two more. He awaits your assistance in Maldraxxus.$B$BBe swift. Tyrande's time grows short.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=209197115, GREETING=What is next for the Court of Harvesters?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Chelra the Bladewall, Hash=474787757, GREETING=Prince Renathal plans to petition the Stonewright.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Xandria, Hash=3406597312, GREETING=Now is the time to strike! Are you ready to fly with me?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Kay, Hash=3682028841, GREETING=A large shardhide has been preying upon the animals in our stable. We must safeguard them.$B$BPlease help track this beast down and eliminate it!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - Ring of Self-Reflection, Hash=2646441237, GREETING=MISSING - Ring of Self-Reflection - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=598535843, GREETING=You put the crown on?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - Guise of the Changeling, Hash=2253563759, GREETING=MISSING - Guise of the Changeling - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=General Draven, Hash=2795846573, GREETING=The Jailer will taste true defeat. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=MISSING - The Netherstar, Hash=1474984945, GREETING=MISSING - The Netherstar - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Caretaker Kah-Kay, Hash=3944804303, GREETING=I will eliminate this threat!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Baroness Vashj, Hash=3323098352, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Stoneborn Detainment Chief, Hash=515956496, GREETING=I'm busy. Can't you see I'm dealing with a dreadlord captive? Find something useful to do.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Stoneborn Detainment Chief, Hash=2188805511, GREETING=I-- By the Stonewright's chisel! She'd have turned me into rubble for letting him escape. Thank you!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Cudgelface, Hash=2927597984, GREETING=We best keep a low profile, by helping out. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Agitated Stoneborn, Hash=704051976, GREETING=Have you seen a large, blue soul with horns that doesn't look like he belongs in Revendreth? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=2980508948, GREETING=In the end, the only thing left that threatened my people, was me.$B$BI was killed by a friend who too wished to protect our people.$B$BOnly in Revendreth after much... contemplation, did I come to understand the depth of my wrath and the gravity of my sins. I learned from my experience how to help others with others with their own. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=3895810869, GREETING=Er, yes.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ysera, Hash=1837907647, GREETING=We're ready to begin the ritual.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=3517060377, GREETING=After I was granted Elune's dark gift, I fed my rage with my losses and then with my victories. I protected my people. I killed the ones who harmed us. Then their allies. Then ones who hadn't stopped our enemies, or who stood by. Then the ones I thought hadn't acted quickly enough. And so on... $B$BI erased whole societies from the world, and left nothing but ruins in my wake. After all, if nothing was left to harm us, we couldn't be hurt.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=4155789319, GREETING=You were a Night Warrior in life?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Accuser, Hash=3559124176, GREETING=Even here, surrounded by enemies in the darkest depths of the Maw, we cannot forget our charge.$B$BVenthyr are not called to destroy. We are called to desperately pursue every possible avenue that might avoid destruction.$B$BThere are souls in the Maw that deserve to be here. I know that because I have sent many here myself.$B$BBut the Jailer has claimed souls far beyond his right, and we must not rest until every last wrongfully convicted soul is rescued.$B$BThe calling of Revendreth has never been easy, but it has always been important.$B$BI believe you understand this now. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=2022326626, GREETING=Obviously, or I would not be here helping you now.$B$B$B $BI suppose you wish to know how I ended up in Revendreth?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=136085129, GREETING=Okay.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Terrified Stoneborn, Hash=2244039535, GREETING=Has the Stonewright passed this way with a captive recently? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ysera, Hash=3541470244, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=3274699739, GREETING=Speak quickly.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=3890360105, GREETING=I'm gonna try again, but, uh, just be ready for anything. Okay?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Emeni, Hash=433813567, GREETING=Korthia isn't as nice as Maldraxxus. But I like the variety of creatures here. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=2651582657, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=3740861668, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nadjia the Mistblade, Hash=3309134275, GREETING=$B$BDo not waste time or resources on our eastern flank. I shall have no problem holding them off while you and the others focus your efforts on the primary objective.$B$BJust send word if you need me elsewhere. Though you would have to send an entire brigade here to take my place, of course.$B$B - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Cudgelface, Hash=2745657362, GREETING=Okay. What should we do?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=3074208216, GREETING=This place is very... Blue.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ysera, Hash=2306540553, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Prince Renathal, Hash=2073910370, GREETING=Today's victory is not just for Revendreth or Ardenweald. Every win is shared among all who wish the best for the Shadowlands.$B$BWe will not rest until our fight is complete.

Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Aspirant Thales, Hash=1467323394, GREETING=Maw Walker, I thank you. If it hadn't been for you, I might never have made it out of Maldraxxus. $B$BI have suffered, it is true, but I have not given up. That was in part because of your example. You would not leave any of us behind, and your steadfast determination fueled my own.$B$BAlthough he cannot say it, I know Hipokos feels the same way. We've bonded, he and I. I suspect he will continue to be my eyes, and I will be his voice. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Courier, Hash=4030624418, GREETING=At your request, I can escort you to Elysian Hold. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Hunt-Captain Korayn, Hash=2483703781, GREETING=The Wild Hunt will see this through. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Phillios, Hash=2890188102, GREETING=Words cannot begin to describe the joy of being ascended at last. The kyrian are beginning to heal--and the Forsworn as well.$B$BWhile some may not find their actions easy to forget, I think we all have it in our hearts to forgive. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelodis, Hash=1673809006, GREETING=Nemea has always been the outgoing one of us, forming relationships with larion and kyrian alike. Even now she trains an aspirant in larion handling. She can't even stop to enjoy the party... though I suppose she is enjoying it in her own way.$B$BCenturions have always been my specialty. We understand each other. When something goes wrong with a phalynx, I know exactly how to fix it. Interaction with my peers is straightforward. The social niceties are unnecessary. Instead, we get to the point discussing improvements and challenges in our work with centurions.$B$BI can't say that I am not somewhat jealous of my soulbind and the grace she holds. But our rivalry makes us both stronger, and pushes us out of our comfort zones to improve. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Uther, Hash=3793470423, GREETING=When I arrived in Bastion, all I could think of was what had been done to me. I let bitterness, pain, and vengeance consume me, and I did the unforgivable. I see now how wrong I was, and I wish my actions could be undone. Alas, I must live with the consequences of my actions. Worse than that, Arthas must live with them as well.$B$BI do not know if I can ever forgive myself for that.$B$BBut the kyrian are forgiving, and the Forsworn are willing to put their differences aside. The rift between them is on the mend, and this newfound unity will bring a new era. You started me down the path of healing as well, and I must follow it to its end, however painful it might be.$B$BYou helped me find the Light again, and for that I am forever grateful. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Kalisthene, Hash=729394421, GREETING=I devoted myself to overseeing and advising aspirants long, long ago. I was not the only one at first... but as the drought persisted, my peers were needed elsewhere until I was the only one left.$B$BMy orders were to keep the aspirants training, to bide our time until the drought passed. I was not to tell them that every single soul was sent straight to the Maw, that the Shadowlands had broken down. I told them what I could... but I was alone and had to keep myself calm.$B$BFor my hard work to be first recognized via my inclusion of the Path of Ascension, and now again as the new Polemarch of Bastion... I recognize no higher honor.$B$BThank you, Maw Walker. And I am sorry we got off on the wrong foot. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kynthia, Hash=318976224, GREETING=My time in Maldraxxus started grim. I watched my fellow kyrian tortured. I witnessed Thales blinded. The House of Constructs kept me alive for purposes I never intend to know.$B$BWith each passing day I continued to break. I found some solace in talking to Thales and the stewards as we prayed our allies would show up. We almost gave up until you saved us, Maw Walker. We thank you eternally.$B$BThe House of the Chosen proved different. Accepting. Even after the white wings of our allies came to fight with us, after I was reunited with my love, I knew we had to stay and help those who took us in. $B$BBut now, as they are set upon their path once more, we have returned. And I am happy to be back. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Hipokos, Hash=3996910424, GREETING= - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sika, Hash=728760497, GREETING=Sika love work. Organizing, scheduling, tracking resources, keeping everything running good!$B$BFriends say "Sika too busy", but Sika always say it's okay! Sika love it!$B$BBut now Sika understand. Friends send Sika to Revendreth, for party! Maldraxxi friend in Korthia says breaks important.$B$BIn past, maybe too controlling. Sika learning to delegate! Let friends help. Teach other stewards to be like Sika! Then we all take breaks. More to life than work! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Wayfinder, Hash=2900443265, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Fallen Disciple Nikolon, Hash=2874274983, GREETING=The anger, the animosity... we must put them aside.$B$BThe Forsworn deserve to be listened to, to be respected. As do the kyrian. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Adrestes, Hash=1878687131, GREETING=I admit feeling a hesitation I have not felt in ages, $N.$B$BI must push it aside to do what is best for the future of the kyrian and the Shadowlands.$B$BAre you with me?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Adrestes, Hash=4098687487, GREETING=The time for rededication has come. Are you prepared to protect this sacred ritual?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kou, Hash=604744906, GREETING=We taking care of Grubby until he has wings. Now we are getting him used to feeling of flight! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Voitha, Hash=2435907404, GREETING=I am truly humbled that you would freely give so much of your time and aid to us, Maw Walker. To see such dedication from a kyrian is expected, but a mortal? You honor us all. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=2279311588, GREETING=I am ready for the ceremony. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pallessa, Hash=1029207427, GREETING=Through Wisdom's guiding hand I spent my time as an aspirant focused on my studies. I preferred lectures and reading to personal connection.$B$BThen I met Achillon. His warmth guided me through my fears and anxieties, helped strengthen my resolve for my trials. I helped him learn to breathe, to collect himself and his impulses before taking action.$B$BBut in the end he rushed in, taking my confidence and hope with him. I saw him, the most loyal of us, fall before my eyes. I came out the other side bereft of hope or joy.$B$BI thought he was lost to me. I intended to cleanse him from my mind, but it felt unfair to him. Now seeing him once again, as an ally... I do not know how I feel, or what will happen. But I can navigate this. I must. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Forgelite Sophone, Hash=1809476821, GREETING=My forge has been nothing but bustling! The push into Korthia has provided us with more than enough work to do, helping to equip kyrian for the efforts there.$B$BNext we must prepare for the return of the forsworn aspirants, as well as forging whatever may be necessary for any new trials for the Path.$B$BOf course, with more work comes more chaos. I've got stewards and aspirants alike contributing to the cause however they can. Perhaps one day, new aspirants will start flooding in once more... but for now we have plenty on our hands. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelagos, Hash=616801151, GREETING=Honestly, I am not sure how I became so closely involved in such momentous events. I am just an aspirant! I still struggle constantly with my cleansings and trials--I am nowhere near ascension.$B$BI offered Kleia support long after her first soulbind ascended and she lost all contact with her. We grew closer, becoming soulbinds ourselves, able to face whatever challenge together! Who could have predicted what we would face, and the impact we'd leave? $B$BIt has been my greatest honor, $N. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Kalisthene, Hash=2702047230, GREETING=Greetings, $N. How may I be of service? - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Polemarch Kalisthene, Hash=4071434829, GREETING=I am ready for the reception.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mikanikos, Hash=3632710416, GREETING=Been working in Bastion for countless years. Have made countless improvements and innovations to protect Bastion and make everything run smoother! Alas, even the great Forgelite Prime can run out of ideas.$B$BKorthia has been amazing! Meeting fellow craftspeople, collaborating together, working toward common goal. Constructed many incredible things, even healed gargoyles! Learned much, inspired to the brim.$B$BI must keep collaborating! Hipokos is my new apprentice. With his experience in Maldraxxus and passion for the craft, he will create greatness... with my help of course.$B$BPlus he is great listener. And I am great talker. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Bron, Hash=691236575, GREETING=The Forgelite Prime holds great respect for you. I will endeavor to continue defending Bastion in your absence. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Artemede, Hash=1811527725, GREETING=I must thank you for everything you've done for the kyrian. Without your heroic efforts, Clora may never have ascended. She is proving herself to be an invaluable disciple, and much of that has to do with you. You have been a shining example not just for Clora, but all kyrian.$B$BOn that note... I expect to see you in the arena again soon! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nemea, Hash=560065758, GREETING=$N, my friend. Perhaps you and Andira can join us for some training! $B$BZosime and Kala have a strong bond, but their communication is lacking. I will teach Zosime to capture the behaviors that she wants Kala to perform, then connect those behaviors with words. $B$BLentios will teach Kala how to speak with Zosime as well, such as when she wants to stretch her wings and when she wants to play. These skills with help both of them form a strong relationship. One built on mutual respect. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tymon, Hash=1519544713, GREETING=Ah, the mortal of the hour! Were it not for you, we would still be aspirants.$B$BI will never forget what you've done for us, Maw Walker. Thank you. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelagos, Hash=4222659934, GREETING=I am so incredibly proud of my soulbind, soaring through the ranks to aid Adrestes in ushering in a new era for the kyrian. If anybody embodies devotion to a cause, it is her.$B$BFor now I will help where needed. I will be one of the first to devote myself to this new temple, to become an acolyte of Devotion. Perhaps, along with Nikolon, I can help facilitate conversation between the Forsworn and kyrian so that we can fully unite together.$B$BI feel as though my story is far from over, and I look forward to wherever my path guides me.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Disciple Nikolon, Hash=3165251095, GREETING=I remember you there when I fell, Maw Walker.$B$BIt is not your fault, nor Uther's fault, nor even Eridia's fault. In fact, it was not my fault, either.$B$BOne path cannot suffice for eternity. Too often do beings act in specific ways because it is tradition--or how it has always been done--instead of investigating the reason why their predecessors started functioning this way to begin with.$B$BI acted how I thought was just. Imagine my horror as I saw the truth, witnessed my fellows twisted into Mawsworn. You helped me save everybody we could, but when we arrived here it seemed nothing had yet changed.$B$BThank you for all you, and your friends, have done. The work is hardly over, but I will help all I can as a disciple of Devotion. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Alithea, Hash=668041321, GREETING=When I first met you and Kleia in Redridge, I knew there was something different about you both. Kleia was not satisfied with the status quo. Her loyalty to the Archon and the Path guided her actions, but she always pushed for better.$B$BWith you by her side, she did not fall upon seeing Ben Howell's soul go to the Maw. She not only persevered, but helped pave the way for a more compassionate future. Her devotion shines, and will continue as Hand. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Uther, Hash=3821921323, GREETING=This pain, deep in my soul... I am ready for it to end. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nish, Hash=1653871730, GREETING=In my glory, I made the box so that it might grant me the power to travel these halls with impunity.$B$BIn my hubris, I made it so the wonders within could only be accessed by one who proves their worth within the walls of this place. $B$BIt never occurred to me that I might not be worthy... - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Pelagos, Hash=956338570, GREETING=What is next for you?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=3893156335, GREETING=I never imagined I would become so close to the Polemarch. Now look at us, look at him! It is an honor to watch my friend receive such an honor, and to work alongside him for eons to come.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Achillon, Hash=288158119, GREETING=The soul I bore was a champion of her world. She protected her people and fought against the endless demonic army that invaded her snowy homeland. She gave everything she had to others, from her supplies to her time and energy.$B$BA soul like that did not deserve any punishment, let alone the torment of the Maw. We had heard as aspirants that souls were being wrongly sent there, but even souls such as hers? It rattled me to my core.$B$BI had no choice. I knew what I had to do. I joined the Forsworn, pushing for change so that we could save these souls. I did not mean to harm Pallessa in any way, but now I am determined to make it up to her. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Arios Riftbearer, Hash=1440900767, GREETING=Wisdom is not simply knowing the right thing to do in every situation. It is a tool you use, yes, but it is also something you share, and something you take in kind. $B$BNot only have you shown wisdom in your actions, Maw Walker, but you've shared your wisdom with so many--and Bastion has blossomed because of it. $B$BI hope you have learned from us in turn, and I hope that you let Bastion's lessons guide you in the future. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Zosime, Hash=478281876, GREETING=I love my Kala so dearly, and cherish her presence in my life. She has provided me joy with her playful charm, and comfort when working through a difficult memory.$B$BHowever, it is impossible to get her to listen to me! Nemea is going to help us build our relationship and become even closer. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eridia, Hash=1793341633, GREETING=My position as Hand of Purity is one of service. I guided aspirants through cleansing their past lives, letting go of the memories that clung to them.$B$BThat is in the past now.$B$BI will posit that I understand the Forsworn more than ever. Lysonia's betrayal and descent into madness haunts me every day. My soulbind... I still see her when I turn, hear her voice calling my name.$B$BIn the past I might have cleansed this memory. Erased the burden from my mind. But Lysonia's presence is steeped in my most cherished memories. How could I forget her without losing a part of myself?$B$BI could never choose to forget her. Though her memory pains me now, I must confront these feelings head on. I will work, as we all will, toward newfound strength - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Apolon, Hash=1277372959, GREETING=As aspirants, Artemede and I quickly formed a bond akin to siblings. It was clear destiny brought us together as soulbinds, always stronger when working together.$B$BBut in my times apart from my sister, Kynthia had captured my heart. We snuck off to watch the anima flow together, spending tender moments in each other's company.$B$BWhen she disappeared from us, I feared the worst. Artemede reminded me to have faith in Kynthia and her strength. When I found her during our Maldraxxus mission, we sprinted to embrace before fighting side by side. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kleia, Hash=428932054, GREETING=The Forsworn have rejoined us, and a new Path is nigh. Adrestes and I will create a new temple, develop tenets that will guide our fellow kyrian to repair relationships, trust, and reframe their mindsets...$B$BMy friend... I am overwhelmed.$B$BI spent so long, too long, as an aspirant due to the drought. Once we met, everything became a blur. We did what other kyrian, ascended and aspirant alike, have never done before. We fought paragons! We escaped the Maw, multiple times! We even established relationships with the other realms.$B$BAm I truly worthy of becoming Hand? Do I know how to stop fighting, when I've been doing so for so long? $B$BWith our friends by my side, I must do the best I can. As long as we work together, we will succeed. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Koa, Hash=614704048, GREETING=Fly, Grubby, fly! Feel the wind between your... mandibles! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Kyrian Courier, Hash=3458202529, GREETING=Take me to Elysian Hold.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Athanos, Hash=687178751, GREETING=You have learned much from the kyrian. In turn, they have learned much from you.$B$BAs you bested me on the Path of Ascension time and time again, I learned as well. May you remember these lessons as you travel your own path. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Clora, Hash=3429164189, GREETING=Maw Walker! Thank you for all you have done. If it were not for you, I may never have received my wings... and, of course, the Shadowlands may have fallen to a darkness from which it could never recover. $B$BThere is much to be done, to be sure, but I am confident that together with the other covenants, we will see to the end of this crisis--and be all the better for it. - dopisano Land.
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

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Drobiazgi które znalazłem na 9.1


Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Talisman of the Eternal Scholar, Hash=524430668, GREETING=This relic has yet to be recovered. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tinybell, Hash=1065477249, GREETING=I'm training Maelie to be a great steed that can carry her rider fearlessly into the unknown! $B$BBut she's full of natural curiosity and tends to wander off on her own. I need to keep her focused!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=2552869922, GREETING=I'm ready, let's move.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nadjia the Mistblade, Hash=1497063944, GREETING=Defensive fortifications are going well. I hope the Mawsworn attack sooner rather than later; my sword form could use some practice.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tinybell, Hash=3732435528, GREETING=That's a very good question, Maw Walker! $B$BMaybe you can keep an eye out for her while you're in Korthia? Please bring her back to me, if you find her.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=1130317420, GREETING=The Mawsworn took our friends into that suspicious fog ahead...$B$BI can keep us hidden, but it won't be easy to find them in there. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Master Smith Helgar, Hash=4279111530, GREETING=Hail, paladin. What an interesting weapon you bear.
Hash=2610146094 już jest w bazie EN.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Messenger Mnemis, Hash=2870238191, GREETING=Message received. Sorting. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Choofa, Hash=598544070, GREETING=Having a tirnenn carry me where I am needed on the battlefield isn't laziness--it's tactical efficiency!$B$BIt takes my tiny legs twenty steps to match one of their steps. I'd actually be hurting our cause if I wasn't carried everywhere! - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ve'nari, Hash=1420215011, GREETING=Are you ready, Maw Walker? We must move carefully and quickly.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Featherlight, Hash=2430086393, GREETING=The wildlife here is fascinating. They are incredibly resilient despite large changes to their ecosystem! The flora seems to be struggling, however.
Hash=524430668 już jest w bazie EN. - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Celestial Shadowlands Chart, Hash=1762005954, GREETING= - dopisano Land.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Archivist Roh-Senara, Hash=1447699682, GREETING=If you are friend and not foe, Interrogator Tzench holds the key to this cell.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lady Moonberry, Hash=593360664, GREETING=Keep us hidden while we search for our friends.