Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Dodatek odpowiedzialny za spolszczenie questów (misji)
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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Kalinkus » 10 paź 2020, 21:09

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10 paź 2020, 12:28
Dane przesyłasz tutaj: Ja będąc w Draenorze już wysłałem masę nieprzetłumaczonych tekstów ^^
zadania w drenorze nie przesłałeś tylko czekają na przetłumaczenie na platformie
Gloria Victis

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Pikownia » 10 paź 2020, 22:16

Pisał o tekstach, a nie zadaniach :-) czyli dymkach i istotnie sporo ich przybyło.

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Re: Zadania do tłumaczenia z Shadowlands

Post autor: Orina » 14 paź 2020, 9:16

Dodałam zadania i gossipy z Revendreth, niestety nie wszystko mam, bo blizz stwierdził, że zresetuje betę przed tym jak skończyłam krainę :v

Są dane GOSSIP:

Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mani, Hash=3242126059, GREETING=It's to me to clean up after 'em manifestations get popped. I know ya can't see it with your eyes, but those things slime all over the place.$B$BBut a gig's a gig.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'nla the Identifier, Hash=2777179862, GREETING=Ah, greetings Maw Walker. Have you come to barter? I have many identities in my possession that could be yours... for the right price.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Eyegor, Hash=2163408039, GREETING=Eyegor ready for battle!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Maneo, Hash=2848760891, GREETING=I was once a soul, like you, though from a much different time and place. In life, I committed unspeakable horrors in the name of justice, and for my crimes was sentenced to this place.$B$BIt was only after eons of service, of suffering, of penance that the Master saw me fit enough to join the ranks of the venthyr. Now I serve as a tormentor and teacher. We venthyr cleanse souls and harvest sins.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Defiant Soul, Hash=3080389003, GREETING=I will not submit. Tell the Master when you see him! I defy him. I defy all of you. I was a ruler! I am above all of you filthy peasants and creatures.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Fearstalker, Hash=3063989261, GREETING=The hunt calls, $N.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Tremen Winefang, Hash=1807707678, GREETING=Welcome to Darkhaven, mortal. $B$BWe can arrange a coffin for you if that is to your liking. $B$BI also have an assortment of vintages stretching back to the time of the Black Empire. I had the dredgers dust off a few casks since I heard a denizen of Azeroth might be in the region.$B$BWhat are your desires?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nadjia the Mistblade, Hash=3741784411, GREETING=Matyas will never use my sinstone against me again.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lajos, Hash=1761658579, GREETING=Something just isn't right about all of this.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Soulguard Dredger, Hash=658098375, GREETING=Things sure are gettin' spooky down here...$B$BIf you got anima to power dis soulguard brazier, it'll protect us all from da nasties down here.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dimwiddle, Hash=799540455, GREETING=You be lookin' for sometin?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Rendle, Hash=639038476, GREETING=Them new dredgers ain't gonna make themselves...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Slobwobble, Hash=748251868, GREETING=We gots ta' work harder not smarter!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Maneo, Hash=2773703952, GREETING=A sinstone is a manifestation of the accumulated burdens of your life wrought in stone.$B$BI have none for you though, as your life is not yet complete. You still have time to... correct... some of your ways.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Stonehead, Hash=2003976521, GREETING=Never seen a you before...$B$B
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Accuser, Hash=818034705, GREETING=Let me show you the truth, Maw Walker.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Snickersnee, Hash=621490165, GREETING=I heard the fangs up in the Castle are gettin' extra... well... "them" lately. Mind yourself. They ain't very safe when they get to be so... "them", as it were.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Fearstalker, Hash=2333364612, GREETING=Ah, a $R. And what an interesting... scent... your soul has. Very distinct. $B$BI am known as the Fearstalker. Harvester of Dread. In my forest, I am the predator, and the souls my prey. $B$BYou should come visit sometime. I am sure it would be very enlightening.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ilka, Hash=3954391344, GREETING=Oh, how interesting you are... are those your real ears?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Redelav Fencer, Hash=2110819740, GREETING=Do not speak to me, mortal!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Darkhaven Dredger, Hash=56304649, GREETING=Someone said you seen other realms. Any of 'em got dredgers? $B$BLads 'round here are nice enough but one does itch to meet someone new after a thousand years or so.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lord Chamberlain, Hash=2801201743, GREETING=Ugh. Now you get to see the true cost of the anima drought. It is wasting this place away, consuming it, allowing these infesting creatures to pass into our lands.$B$BI do hope you are as talented a warrior as your fame proclaimed.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dug the Nubly, Hash=3400491471, GREETING=Mind the step. Long way down, that is.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'nla the Identifier, Hash=2569604891, GREETING=I can easily demonstrate the worth of my services. $B$BYou are $N. I know much of your many ventures on the world of Azeroth. You have slayed mighty dragons and other fantastic beasts across the world. $B$BYou arrived in Revendreth in search of anima.$B$BI could go on if you like, but I reserve my services for paying customers.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sinreader Nicola, Hash=1250094523, GREETING=Let me see the soul you have brought before me.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Sire Denathrius, Hash=3353650451, GREETING=I find no solace in the punishment of these traitors.$B$BBut, as a servant of Revendreth, I do what I must to preserve peace here.$B$BIn time, I hope they will see the error of their ways.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Accuser, Hash=1730581171, GREETING=Keep your head down, we don't want them to see us.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dirk, Hash=2679271897, GREETING=Oi! What you lookin' at?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Bela, Hash=306491564, GREETING=What point is there in all of the rituals if we don't save our charges from the Maw?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lord Chamberlain, Hash=1358080266, GREETING=I serve at the pleasure of the Master, Sire Denathrius. He was the first, you know, and those of us who came after were remade in his image.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Maneo, Hash=2826122738, GREETING=Ah, $N. I have seen your name upon many sinstones of newly arrived souls. You have led a most interesting life, so far.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Nadjia the Mistblade, Hash=2309698642, GREETING=
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Darkhaven Villager, Hash=1182272229, GREETING=Sire Denathrius will make everything right again.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Darkhaven Villager, Hash=1971996210, GREETING=We are nothing if not expert at suffering. We will get through this.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Courier Rokalai, Hash=2690152764, GREETING=You're something. Don't know what, but something. What do you want?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Courier Araak, Hash=1656362448, GREETING=A living thing? What is Revendreth coming to?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Ta'tru, Hash=423154810, GREETING=Welcome. Are you buying or selling today?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Clemency Enforcer, Hash=2404557093, GREETING=By order of the Tithelord, all venthyr of this ward must submit a quota of anima or be subjected to punishment up to and including exile to the Ember Ward. $B$BDo not interfere with the extraction process.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Lord Chamberlain, Hash=1097787251, GREETING=You are fortunate to witness my ascension, mortal.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Courier Araak, Hash=1303914986, GREETING=Is it really betrayal if you didn't get to pick your master in the first place?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Humbling Soulwatcher, Hash=2776722136, GREETING=Normally, these cages are filled to the brim... cursed anima drought.
Hash=423154810 już jest w bazie EN.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Mistress Mihaela, Hash=2085518713, GREETING=Our village is beset by rebels on one side, Sire Denathrius's loyal tyrants on the other side, and an anima drought is ripping our reality apart. $B$BAnd then you walk out of the Maw and into my hall. Are you here with good tidings or doom?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Foreman Scug, Hash=3618777752, GREETING=No time to be a chatterbox. Gotta keep my eyes on them workers.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Redelav Fencer, Hash=1257750639, GREETING=The brokers really will deal with anyone, won't they...
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Globknob, Hash=2184992514, GREETING=Hello 'dere. Globknob's 'ere to 'elp!
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Darkhaven Dredger, Hash=1469718405, GREETING=Fangs here ain't as bad as in other places. Though this drought's got 'em all extra backstabby.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dead Blanchy, Hash=3606860002, GREETING=Dead Blanchy stops abruptly to avoid running you down.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Tithelord, Hash=3528647275, GREETING=You stand before the Tithelord, Harvester of Envy, High Servant of the Master, and keeper of the downtrodden. $B$BI hear you helped squash some of the rebels that were invading my ward. I will have you know I chose not to intervene, as it was more important for those under my dominion to learn to fend for themselves and prove where their loyalties lay.$B$BWe do not need you here. We are fine on our own.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Samu, Hash=1213797855, GREETING=Can't you see I'm busy?
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Stonewright, Hash=369374298, GREETING=So, you are the one who slew the stoneborn outside of Darkhaven.$B$BI am sure you did what you thought was right. Most people do. $B$BI am known as the Stonewright. By my hammer and chisel were crafted the first stoneborn, and I see each as my child. They are all brothers and sisters in arms, and now they wage war on each other in this short sighted rebellion.$B$BThe Master believes you can bring an end to this conflict. Of that I have no doubt. I only hope it is the right end.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Desperate Venthyr, Hash=1035658766, GREETING=These souls are so close to their final judgment that they are hemorrhaging manifestations regularly that are getting more and more dangerous. $B$BWe need more souls, fresh souls, if we are to meet the quota the Master and the Tithelord are asking for.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=The Countess, Hash=706110995, GREETING=So you have been to the Maw? $B$BFascinating. I must have you to one of my parties so you may share your stories of that place. You may have encountered some of my former acquaintances there.$B$BOh, I am the Countess, Harvester of Desire. I command the Castle Ward and her many districts. I spare Sire Denathrius of the burden of having to deal with the nobles. $B$BGood luck with the Master's tasks. I am hosting a number of wagers amongst the nobles for how long you might last. Try not to die too soon. Your arrival is the most interesting thing to happen since Prince Renathal rebelled.
Tekst GOSSIP : NPC=Dobwobble, Hash=765546945, GREETING=Oi there. Put yer back into it.
Hash=765546945 już jest w bazie EN.
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