Znowu o addonie :)

Rozmowy o naszych dodatkach i tłumaczeniach
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Re: Znowu o addonie :)

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Kelvan dzięki za wsparcia :D, każda forma pomocy się przydaje i jest tak samo potrzebne.

Co do Blzza to lepiej niech nie interesuje się naszą pracą :D, ostatnio zainteresował się fajnym addonem Voice Acted Quests. tak bardzo się zainteresowali że kazali projekt zamknąć.

https://www.mmo-champion.com/content/74 ... wn-DLC-624
I got the following message today from devolore:

"Hello TioMiklas,

I’m Josh Allen, from the World of Warcraft Community Team. We came across your Voice Acted Quests project, and I have to say, the work you’ve put into it is very impressive!

Unfortunately, I’ve been told that this project infringes on our intellectual copyrights in a way that we can’t allow. You may recall a similar situation with an addon called “Warcraft Tales” a few months ago. While your project is slightly different, it’s still considered a re-performance of our established works.

Because of that, we have to ask you to stop production and distribution of the Voice Acted Quests project. Rather than going straight to delivering a legal notice, they’ve asked me to contact you directly to deliver the news and answer any questions you may have. Like I said, it’s a very impressive project and we recognize the amount of work you’ve put into it, it’s just not the sort of thing we can allow to be created using our copyright.

Sorry for the bad news,


I'm just waiting for his response answering some of my questions, but i fear this project is over. I thank you all for the fun days and i appreciate the support you guys gave! Have fun and I will see you guys around!
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Re: Znowu o addonie :)

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Mi chodziło o pomoc w tłumaczeniu wsparciu finansowym i zatrudnienie w blizzard :)