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Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 10 paź 2018, 22:29
autor: Borygo
Lista dodanych nowych NPC:
Sergeant Calvin
Annie Two-Pistols
Princess Talanji
Jessica Rogers
Flynn Fairwind
Inquisitor Notley
Stormsong Inspector
Risen Cultist
Halford Wyrmbane
Brewer Ahna
Master Gadrin
Drowned Convert
Duskbinder Zuun
Mysterious Voice
Spirit of Vol'jin
Tidesage Seacaller
"Spyglass" Marie
Overseer Flamelicker
Ashvane Invader
Sister Anana
Nasira Morningfrost
Aluna Leaf-Sister
Abyssal Corruptor
Ashvane Commander
Snickering Ripple
Stormsong Cavalier
Stormsong Enforcer
Urgl the Blind
Rewired Harvester
Olaf Blightbearer
Forsaken Deathguard
Ashvane Spotter
Faceted Earthbreaker
Exhausted Laborer

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 22 paź 2018, 10:47
autor: Borygo
Właśnie zacząłem zbierać dane z PTR 8.1

Właśnie przerobiłem część zadań z Hordy:

Lista dodanych nowych NPC:
Lasan Skyhorn
High Warlord Cromush
Wary Sentry
Quizla Blastcaps
Captain Briggs
Mistweaver Nian
Lady Liadrin
Usha Eyegouge
Uraka Wildthunder
Quartermaster Tallybolt
Unidentified Goblin
Dark Ranger Lyana
Varok Saurfang
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
Hunter McAlister
Redridge Garrison Watchman
Abomination Guard
Marion Sutton
Barkeep Daniels
Matthew Hooper

Dymki Ally

Lista dodanych nowych NPC:
Blackpowder Expert
Malfurion Stormrage
Tyrande Whisperwind
Nathanos Blightcaller
Maiev Shadowsong
Sira Moonwarden
Kaldorei Huntress
Kaldorei Sentinel
Bolstered Deathguard
Anduin Wrynn
Genn Greymane
Shandris Feathermoon
Honorbound Conqueror
Motega Bloodshield
Gryphon Handler
Maniacal Apothecary
Master Mathias Shaw
Veiled Deathstalker
Deathstalker Commander Belmont
Delaryn Summermoon
Zunjo of Sen'jin
Bloodthirsty Crewman
Ashen Deathguard
Falstad Wildhammer
Cloudbreaker Shaman
Captain Nashashuk
Sharpspear Farseer
Horde Cannoneer
Ashen Raider
Slavering Skullcleaver
Alsian Vistreth

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 04 mar 2019, 10:30
autor: Borygo
Dymki z prologu Zandalari i Kul Tiras

Katherine Proudmoore:2889103915= = As one family.
Katherine Proudmoore:2745241567= = For a time, we let fear and distrust divide us.
Katherine Proudmoore:230434267= = We Kul Tirans have always been an adventurous people. I have no doubt that your deeds will bring glory to the Alliance and pride to Kul Tiras.
Katherine Proudmoore:353410299= = From the tides, we draw our strength. Our courage.
Katherine Proudmoore:1183443136= = Every Kul Tiran shares a bond with the sea.
Katherine Proudmoore:2759945461= = Today, Kul Tiras proudly flies the Alliance flag once more. Whatever awaits us on the horizon, we will face it... together.
Katherine Proudmoore:904936350= = Lost in a storm of doubt, we forgot what it meant to stand as one people.
Katherine Proudmoore:3983935909= = Please give my regards to the king. And wherever the winds take you, look always to the sea.

Princess Talanji:2237382660= = But over time, our empire grew stagnant. We stood alone.
Princess Talanji:307290700= = Now, I am queen.
Princess Talanji:635972043= = With de loa's blessing, our sacred blades and mighty ships commanded de seas.
Princess Talanji:1865854487= = Threats from without and within rose up to challenge us... to test our faith.
Princess Talanji:3748323422= = De Zandalari have ruled dis land for thousands of years.
Princess Talanji:659316993= = And together with de Horde, we take our rightful place among de great kingdoms of Azeroth. Zandalar forever!

Queen Talanji:2749560253= = A bond forged in battle is as strong as a pact with de loa. Join our new brothers and sisters, and bring honor to both Zandalar and de Horde.
Queen Talanji:2220258727= = When de Alliance invaded our home, heroes of de Horde drew their weapons and fought by our side.

Natal'hakata:1394376208= = Go forth, Tofikowa. I have other business I must attend to in the city.

Provisioner Fray:1298240871= = This is my first time outside of Kul Tiras. I'm going to go check out the docks! Safe travels, Tofikowaa.

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 06 mar 2019, 10:48
autor: Borygo
Dymki z 8.1.5

Enchantress Quinni:1518708481"] Fascinating! The enchantments aren't just layered, they're interwoven! I've never seen anything like this before. Let's see if we can separate them just a bit more.
Enchantress Quinni:2133889708"] When you are ready, let us begin.
Enchantress Quinni:3873538880"] Remember to go slow. Controlled. We don't want to turn this thing to dust until after we learn how they managed to make this enchantment so strong.
Enchantress Quinni:3959616186"] Let me know when you are ready to begin.
Enchantress Quinni:615918940"] I CAN'T HOLD IT MUCH LONGER!
Enchantress Quinni:3619273422"] By all means. I kept it over here.
Enchantress Quinni:1496704432"] *groan* I'm losing it!
Enchantress Quinni:3566944233"] The complexity behind these enchantments is amazing. There's no way that a single person could have- Whoa. That surge of power. I'm having trouble-

Clever Kumali:4234300550"] Excellent work on dose potions, Borygos. Now I'll just combine dem along with dis other reagent and...
Clever Kumali:645839089"] Dese bubbles appear to contain some sort of power. Perhaps if I just remove de exterior...
Clever Kumali:1696628796"] Ugh, I think I need a bath.
Clever Kumali:4027479647"] Okay den. I guess dose weren't de right ingredients. Process of elimination and all dat, right, Borygos?
Clever Kumali:3428188499"] Dese eyes seem nice and plump. I'll just squeeze a few drops from dem and...
Clever Kumali:1342747313"] I'm also wondering if Zukashi was waiting for me to use dose bubbles so he could see me like dis. He always had a childish side to him.
Clever Kumali:1283450823"] Gah!
Clever Kumali:3290995671"] Are ya KIDDING me?!
Clever Kumali:3433079783"] Well dat's just great. Good thing that wasn't my only idea.

Zukashi:635404147"] And now, little mixah, witness my ascension!
Zukashi:2322010283"] Try to get dere quick, othererwise you might miss out on de fun!
Zukashi:3972220658"] Yes, I can FEEL de transformation taking effect! I shall finally become a being worthy of fear and respect!
Zukashi:861423908"] You're in for quite de treat, little mixah. I'm off to de cave now.
Zukashi:2673426111"] Ya just in time, little mixah! Now witness history in da making!

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 09 mar 2019, 18:00
autor: Borygo
Lista dodanych nowych NPC:
Larana Drome
Chopper Redhook
Arom's Stand Militiaman
Gilnean Musketeer
Blacktar Bomber
Duchess Fallensong the Frigid
Scrimshaw Gutter
Blackpowder Expert
7th Legion Sandwalker
Veiled Saboteur
Purified Soldier
Deckmaster O'Rourke
Aedis Brom
Master Gunner Nahkek
Evolved Clutch-Warden
Scheming Flame
Treasure Hunter
The Crone
Christoph Faral
Zul'aki the Headhunter
Skeletal Waiter
Brother Pike
Shuk'shuguun the Subjugator
Expedition Officer Barry
Trueshot Marksman
Mechanized Peacekeeper
Head Navigator Franklin
Kul Tiran Executioner
Battle-Mender Ka'vaz
Blacktooth Brute
Abyssal Zealot
Plague Bombadier
Gekkaz Moss-Scaled
Fallen Hullwarden
Siege O' Matic 9000

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 11 mar 2019, 12:48
autor: Borygo
Dymki z 8.1.5
z profesji enchanting

Animated Golem
Sef Iwen
Trapped Soul
Hexthralled Lumberjack

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 13 mar 2019, 6:56
autor: Borygo
Dymki z 8.1

Blacktooth Scrapper
Aknor Steelbringer
Irontide Ruffian
Lucille Waycrest
Inquisitor Mace
7th Legion Gyrocopter
Bristleback Horker
Proudmoore Cannoneer
Heartsbane Soulcharmer
Blacktooth Brute

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 13 mar 2019, 9:19
autor: Borygo
Dymki z 8.1.5

Captive Tortollan
Apothecary Burch
Tidelord Giganthor
Hexthralled Lumberjack
Darktide Slaver
Darktide Marauder
Dark Ranger
Sef Iwen
Darktide Sorceress
Harpoon Launcher
Faceless Subduer

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 13 mar 2019, 14:45
autor: Borygo
Dymki z 8.1.5

Rioting Zocalo Drudge
Torcalin Cleric
Matron Elsbeth Garrick
High Prelate Rata
Disgruntled Zuldazar Citizen
Enforcer Malzon
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
Princess Talanji
Priest of Krag'wa
Irate Pa'kura Priest
Krag'wa the Huge
Citizen of Zandalar
7th Legion Sandwalker
Queen Talanji
Priest of Kimbul
Rioting Speaker
Prelate Kaj'ra
Heartsbane Sister
Furious Raptari Druid
Priest of Akunda
Incensed Rastari Prelate
Raptari Druid
Pa'kura Priest

Re: Bubbles do przetłumaczenia z BfA

: 15 mar 2019, 21:12
autor: natis
Lista dodanych nowych NPC:
Felborne Punisher
Syrana Starweaver
Boss Bazzelflange
Grif Wildheart
Brawl Enthusiast
Soulbinder Sej'tetha
Image of Mimiron
Vizuul the Twisted
Lothrius Mooncaller
Grandpa Grumplefloot
Archmage Kalec
Kiranys Duskwhisper
Essence of Hati
Koda Steelclaw
Kergil Sparkwrench
Archmage Khadgar
Brother Bruen
Captive Sethrak
Nightwatcher Idri
Anglers Expedition Defender
Darktide Sorceress
Mistress Sassz'ine
Envoy of the Hunt
Warmother Gutter
Pit Boss Buxdoggle
Headshrinker Gaha
Stelleris Vigilant
Darkspear Headhunter
Captain Granger
Felborne Torturer
Brawl'gar Arena Grunt
Faithless Defender
Temple Priestess
Library Guardian
Je'stry the Untamed
Security Officer Durk
Hexxer Magoda
Dargun the Stone
Johnny Awesome
Scrollsage Nola